Aaron Kwok, Zhao Liying’s republican spy film gears up for premiere

Eternal Wave 密战 is the movie remake of the 1958 action spy film of the same name (Chinese title: 永不消失的电波). In 1930s Shanghai, an anonymous telegraph leads the puppet government to an important underground meeting point and the death of a skilled Communist agent. Aaron Kwok (Peace Breaker) infiltrates the Kuomintang as a businessman from Chongqing to find the betrayer.

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Zhang Han, Janine Chang get involved in an office romance in Here to Heart

Here to Heart is an upcoming romance drama starring Janine Chang (The Advisors Alliance) and Zhang Han (Wolf Warrior 2), who replaced original male lead Huang Xiaoming after he backed out to film The Years You Were Late.

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Ten Deadly Sins starts off a year of detectives

 Although this is like the fourth drama Zhang Han has produced, it's only the first one that's airing.  

Zhang Han’s just glad one of his four self-produced dramas is finally airing.

If you’re already paranoid by Brexit, just wait until you see the slew of psychopaths that the second half of 2016 will feature, starting with The Ten Deadly Sins 十宗罪.    Starring Zhang han, Yu Xiaotong, Eric Tsang, and newcomer Zhang Yamei, the series will air on July 20th on Youku.

Other upcoming detective series mostly focused on psychopaths include Wang Kai and Wang Ziwen’s When a Snail Falls in Love,  Yang Rong’s Memories Lost 美人为陷, Zhang Ruoyun and Jiao Junyan’s Medical Examiner Qin Ming 法医秦明 .  Upcoming films include Zhang Hanyun and Eddie Peng’s Operation Mekong, Liao Fan and Li Yifeng’s Evil Minds 心理罪, and the Alec Su-directed adaptation of The Devotion of Suspect X. 

The styling and cinematography is reminiscent of the classic Hong Kong cop films, with a nice blend of artistry and realism. The editing is creative, if not that suspenseful. But you can see for yourself:

The Classic of Mountains and Seas releasing

Now that poking fun (1, 2, 3) of this film is all the rage, it seems only fitting that it be mentioned here…

The Classic of Mountains and Seas seems to be set for release on March 20th.  Starring Zhang Han, Gulnazar, Kenny Kwan, Lan Yingying, Gao Weiguang,  Yin Zheng, and Wu Lei, those looking for more Gulnazar and Zhang Han can check this drama out.

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The Braveness of the Ming releases more stills

Clothing embellishments overload: you know it’s too much when it starts looking 3D…

The Braveness of the Ming has released more stills and a trailer, starring Zhang Han, Jones Xu Zhengxi, and Wei Qianxiang.  Personally, I think they went a bit too far with the costume elaborateness…

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The Classic of Mountains and Seas teases with stills

How many times do I have to tell you that dressing like that is grounds for a breakup…

The Classic of Mountains and Seas has let out more stills.  Starring Zhang HanGulinazha, Kenny Kwan, Lan Yingying, Li Chao, Gao Weiguang, Gao Junxian, and Wu Lei, we get to see a bit more of the costuming… and purple costumes… O_O

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The Braveness of the Ming releases trailer

Apparently, none of the extras dare show their face in the presence of the beauty of Zhang Han…

The Braveness of the Ming has released more stills and a trailer, starring Zhang Han, Park Min-youngJones Xu Zhengxi, and Wei Qianxiang.  These give us a better idea of how the costumes will look in action and the sets… and the necessary people walking away from explosions…

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Top sci-fi award awarded to The Three Body Problem


 Astronaut Kjell Lindgren announced the award from the International Space Station.

At the Hugo announcements today, The Three Body Problem‘s author Liu Cixin and translator Ken Liu (himself a former Hugo winner for short story)   became the first Asians to win the prestigious Hugo award for Best Novel.  It is also the first translated book to win. This may be their first, but it may not be their last as the second in the trilogy, The Dark Forest  (translated by Joel Martinsen ), was released earlier this month.

Complementary stills from the film starring Feng Shaofeng, Zhang Jingchu, Tang Yan, Zhang Han below the cut.

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