Production teaser for Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace

Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace 后宫·如懿传 has released a production teaser.  Starring Zhou XunWallace HuoJanine ChangLi ChunDong JieTong YaoChen HaoyuXin ZhileiZeng YixuanWu Junmei (Vivian Wu), Chen XiaoyunHuang MingJing ChaoLi QinYuan WenkangHu KeZhang JiazhuCao XiwenYu Yang, and He Hongshan, a quick look for those interested.


New stills for Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace


This drama will chronicle their “besieged love” as the pair go from young lovebirds to estranged husband and wife.

Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace has released its first batch of official stills, and the costumes look exquisite. Featured above are the leads Zhou Xun and Wallace Huo, in character as Ruyi and Qianlong Emperor respectively.

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Wallace Huo’s thriller movie Hide and Seek sets premiere date


Wallace Huo’s previous films haven’t made any splashes with the audience – let’s hope this one will turn things around.

Wallace Huo is definitely moving full steam ahead with his film career – Hide and Seek is just one of three movies he has filmed this year, while his other projects When Will The Moon Be Bright (starring Zhou Xun) and Reset (co-starring Yang Mi) are in the final stages of post-production.

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An introduction to the characters in Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace


For Zhou Xun’s sake, I hope this drama will live up to expectations.

Historical romance drama Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace 后宫·如懿传, also known as the sequel to Empresses in the PalaceLegend of Zhenhuan 后宫·甄嬛传, has finally released the full supporting cast list.

I have translated the plot, character descriptions and ranks below. All the information I have gathered is based on the original novel. A word of warning that some of the characters’ endings are also included, so do proceed with caution.

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Weibo Wednesday: March 16, 2016

Li Yifeng congratules Leonardo DiCaprio on Oscar win

李易峰: 恭喜

It’s Weibo Wednesday time! I didn’t pay much attention to this year’s Academy Awards, which took place on February 28, but it looks like quite a few Chinese celebs did. Here we have Li Yifeng congratulating Leonardo DiCaprio for finally winning a Best Actor award. In case you’re wondering what is going on, he’s spoofing a scene in The Revenant where Leo gets attacked by a bear.

In other Hollywood news, Li Yifeng was picked as an ambassador for the superhero movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which drops in the U.S. and in mainland China on March 25. However, I’m not entirely clear on what his being an ambassador entails. Yifeng also has two TV series — espionage drama Sparrow (麻雀) and xianxia drama Noble Aspirations (青云志) — expected to be released this year.


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Hu Ge, Wallace Huo show off their bromance for Harper’s Bazaar

This is probably one of my favorite men’s photo shoots yet. Harper’s Bazaar has taken to a snowy field to remind us that we were pretty lucky Chinese Paladin 3 put Hu Ge and Wallace Huo onto the same screen. I can’t decide who’s prettier. Look below the cut for more pictures. (P.S. They should have brought their fur coats).  Continue reading

The Imperial Doctress to air

Ignore the historical inaccuracies on the story-side, gawk at successes on the costume-side… and wonder why Chinese drama releases are trying to put dark rings around our eyes…  We’re really all going to need doctors after this for sleep disorders…

The Imperial Doctress is set to air.  Starring Liu ShishiWallace Huo, Huang Xuan, Li Chengyuan, Jin Chen, and Yuan Wenkang, here is to more stills and goodies to drum up to the release.

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The Imperial Doctress aims for release

At long last… the wait seems to be over!!

The Imperial Doctress, starring Liu ShishiWallace Huo, Huang Xuan, Li Chengyuan, and Yuan Wenkang, is aiming for a February 13th release.  Those of you keeping track of Sinology Sundays and this drama probably know that I have high hopes for at least the costuming from what I have seen so far.

Also, I am just glad that the emperors are not wearing completely golden head-gears but instead black ones with gold embellishments which seems to be more historically accurate.  Although golden ones have been found, the honor of lounging around in one seems to have the requirement of being dead.

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