The Fated General releases teaser

I apologize. There hasn’t been much that I’ve noticed coming out lately.

The Fated General 大漠骠骑—霍去病 has released a teaser (special thanks to creidesca).  Starring Zhang RuoyunMao Xiaotong, and Bai Yu, we’re kind of running low on things to post lately so here goes nothing.



More stills for The Fated General

Another story about the struggles of the Han Dynasty against the Xiongnu.

The Fated General 大漠骠骑—霍去病 has released more stills.  Starring Zhang RuoyunMao Xiaotong, and Bai Yu, I think I’m going to need more stills to get a better look at this production

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The Fated General prepares for filming

It’s nice that dramas aren’t limiting themselves to a palace backdrop these days.

The Fated General 大漠骠骑—霍去病 has started preparing for filming.  This dramas is set in the Western Han dynasty and follows the titular Huo Qubing during his rise from the circumstances of his birth to his famous conquests over the Xiongnu.  Starring Zhang RuoyunMao Xiaotong, and Bai Yu, anybody looking for a Han dynasty drama can give this a try.