“Ancient Sword” cast is actually a rock band

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New skill acquired : death by noise

You might think that the Legend of Ancient Sword 古剑奇谭 is a drama or a video game,  but it’s actually ancient China’s latest rock band!  The New Year  character posters features the all-star cast of Yang Mi, Zheng Shuang, Ma Tianyu, Li Yifeng, Gillian Chueng, Qiao Zhenyu, Zhang Meng, William Chan, Chen Zihan, Ying Haoming, Gao Weiguang and Dilireba.

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“Beauty at the crossfires” brings arranged marriage back to Republican era


Behind every great woman, there is a fighter and a thinker, and a bunch of supporting characters.

If you thought arranged marriages only works miracles in modern idol dramas, think again.   Based on another novel from the author of the Schemes of a Beauty 美人心计 ,   Beauty at the Crossfires 烽火佳人 finally brings happily-ever-after arranged marriages to a time period where they actually happen. Despite having their own lovers, Shu Chang and Sammul Chan‘s characters are forced into an unhappy arranged marriage. But as we all know in idol drama world, this means the beginning of a beautiful relationship as the two slowly cross the boundaries they’ve set for each other.  

This is also selling as one of the best-looking Republican era casts in a long time.   Other than leads Shu Chang, Sammul Chan, Qiao Zhenyu, and Shi Xiaoqun,  even the sidekicks (Li Zhinan! Su Qing!) are good-looking.

The series currently airs three episodes a week on Shenzhen/Anhui TV.  What do you think? How does it compare to its sequel, Tang Yan/Luo Jin/Sammul Chan’s “Gone with the Wind 乱世佳人”?

Dramatic posters released for Lao You Suo Yi


Did Justice Bao replace his true love, Sheriff Gongsun Ce, for Liu Tao? But what about their kid George Hu?!

Known for clever dialogue and a classic Beijing humor, director Zhao Baogang (Eternal Moment, Struggle, My Youth) focuses his latest series, Lao You Suo Yi 老有所依, on the issue of single children now faced with taking care of their parents by themselves. While it’s not on top of my to-watch list, leads Liu Tao, Zhang Ze, Qiao Zhenyu and Wang Qianyi look quite the action stars in the posters and the    concept trailer below, and surely now that it’s announced that Qiao Zhenyu and Wang Qianyi had a baby during the filming of this, we know there must be a lot of chemistry (or a lot of stress). The series is currently airing three episodes per day on Zhejiang, Dragon, Tianjin and Beijing TV.

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Married with kids: Qiao Zhenyu, Wang Qianyi

@乔振宇: 感谢我的人生有你的出现,在我眼中你就是最美的、最坚强的、最优秀的,也感谢你能给我对你承诺的机会,让我可以紧紧抓着你们的手去享受只属于我们快乐、健康的人生!老婆我爱你!/@王倩一:2013年快要过去了,回想起来,这真的是让我很有收获的一年。今天是感恩节,看着窗外的寒风,心里却是暖的。这一路,感谢有你。

While Leehom and Li Yundi are only married/dating,  the pianist’ alter ego from Leehom’s movie is already a father.

 Qiao Zhenyu and Wang Qianyi must win the fastest moving of the recent celeb dating/marriage extravaganza. The two announced their marriage and the fact that they have a two-month old child today on Weibo.
Qiao Zhenyu: Thankfully you appeared in my life. In my eyes, you’re the most beautiful, the most strong, and the most excellent. And thank you for giving the chance to make a promise, to let me hold your hands to enjoy  the happy, healthy life that belongs only to us! Wife, I love you! // Wang Qianyi: 2013 is almost over. Recollecting, it has been a fruitful year for me. Today is Thanksgiving. Watching the cold wind outside the window, my heart is warm. Thankfully I have you on this road.

According to her long Weibo, the two met last year during the filming of Lao You Suo Yi 老有所依 in November 2012. She was pregnant soon after filming ended, and gave birth to a child this September, which you would’ve never guessed given this is how she looked like less than two months later.

Weibo Wednesday: Relationships Edition

In addition to the three pairs mentioned before, also joining the relationship train are official acknowledgments of relationships for Zheng Shuang and Zhang Han, Jiang Xin and Ye Zuxin, Qiao Zhenyu, and Wang Luodan.

张翰: 小怪物回家啦乐得

Zhang Han finally posts a photo of him and Zheng Shuang together after their Meteor Shower days, showing the two of them visiting Disney World together. Although… you can’t really tell that they’re at Disney World. They could be at a random park, for all we know. At least get Mickey in the background next time, kiddos.

Finally going home, little monster! ;b So happy!  :D :D :D

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City of Hopeless Love releases trailers, stills for “A World of Peace”

With high gratuitous period satisfaction and plenty of chemistry, what more could we want?

Qiao Zhenyu plays the male lead in the next chapter of the upcoming drama City of Hopeless Love 华胥引,  as Kevin Cheung’s character’s father Su Heng. Gan Tingting plays the love of his life, the beautiful immortal Murong An. The drama also features Yuan Hong and Jiang Xin (in their End of an Unstable Life chapter) and Guo Zhenni (in Thirteenth Moon). 

The story goes that Su Hung was determined to have Murong An as his master, and the two agreed that if Su Heng could defeat Murong An, then Murong An would marry him. So Su Heng studiously set to practicing his swordsmanship, eventually winning Murong An as his bride. However, Su Heng’s father makes marrying another woman the stipulation if Su Heng wishes to inherit his throne….more synopsis* under the cut. Watch the trailer below with English Subtitles so everybody can enjoy! There are more stills, and another trailer under the cut.

Trailer 1:

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Stills from “Beauty at the Crossfires”


Anyone else think he would be a great Lanling King aka the Masked Beauty?

The gorgeous costumes, sets, faces not to mention camera has been inherited by “Beauty at the Crossfires 烽火佳人” , the second in the “Beauty” trilogy following Tang Yan/Luo Jin/Sammul Chan’s “Gone with the Wind 乱世佳人.” It’ll be worth watching just for the visuals with a cast of Shu Chang, Sammul Chan, Qiao Zhenyu, Li Zhinan, and Shi Xiaoqun.


Guess which hottie Li Zhinan is in love with in the novel? Sammul Chan or Qiao Zhenyu?

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Abe Tsuyoshi and Shi Ke Finally Wed in Beijing


While they completed their marriage registration in April, the Japanese F4 member Abe Tsuyoshi (Li Zhendong), 27,  and his bride, Chinese actress, Shi Ke, 29, finally held a ceremony in Beijing (holding the ceremony that long after the registration is common in China). Abe is part Chinese, born in Heilongjiang  and studied for one year at Beijing Film Academy and has acted in both China and Japan. They met when both cast for the 2007 movie, Stand in Love, which was produced by famous Taiwanese ballad singer Jeff Chang and directed by up-and-coming young Taiwanese director Chen Yingrong. Both attended the ceremony, and acted as their witnesses.

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Liu Yanwei Joins Qiao Zhenyu on the Set of “Chinese-Style Dating”


Someone asked me what happened to Vicky Liu Yanwei, whom I posted about when she debuted as a singer under Chengtian ent. Well after finishing album promotions she is apparently joining the production of Chinese-Style Dating, a series that I had already been paying attention to because of the lead Qiao Zhenyu. Qiao Zhenyu is one of those really really  good-looking, charismatic actors in China that falls into the same category that Yan Kuan does: could be doing worse but also could be doing a lot better for the combination of looks+talent he’s got. He’s received leading roles, but nothing that makes him truly famous. So I was happily surprised to see Liu Yanwei join him in this comedy about finding love in modern China, set around the beautiful beaches of Sanya.

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