Ninth drama adaption of Return of the Condor Heroes reveals cast

The latest adaption of Return of the Condor Heroes / Romance of the Condor Heroes 神雕侠侣 has confirmed Tong Mengshi (Colourful Bones) as Yang Guo, new actress Mao Xiaohui as Xiaolongnü and award-winning young actress Wen Qi (Eagles and Youngster) as Guo Xiang.

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Photoshoot Friday: September 6, 2013

This is Ni Ni,who is ridiculously photogenic. Who else could pull off that hair?

Look, a magazine that actually chose a gorgeous photo for its cover! This is almost as rare as a round up with an almost proportional number of males and females…! LI Bingbing  and Mao Linlin (you may have seen her as the evil Zhen’er in Prince of Orchid Hills/Lanling Wang) are also gorgeous…they are joined by Feng Shaofeng (who posed together with Ni Ni for OK!, although Ni Ni has her own little casual shoot as well), and Tong Dawei for Bazaar.

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