Yang Zi, Li Xian confirmed for sweet rom-com Go Go Squid!

Go Go Squid! 蜜汁炖鱿鱼 stars Yang Zi (Ode to Joy 2) as Tong Nian, a cover singer of Japanese songs and a genius IT programming student. Li Xian (Tientsin Mystic) plays Han Shangyan, a legendary professional gamer with a high IQ and EQ who doesn’t take an interest to girls.

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Dangerous liaisons in first trailer for William Chan, Bai Baihe’s upcoming modern drama

Only Side By Side With You stars Bai Baihe (Surgeons) as Nan Qiao, a cold fuerdai who has a passion for designing drones, and William Chan (Founding of An Army) as Shi Yue, an ex-soldier turned gigolo and bar owner who wants to exact revenge on Nan Qiao, believing she was the reason he got expelled from the army.

Li Xian (Tientsin Mystic) plays Shi Yue’s former colleague and friend who has a one-sided love for Nan Qiao, while the gorgeous Qin Hailu (White Deer Plain) plays An Ning, a mysterious woman whom Shi Yue owes his life to.