Liu Tao, Yang Shuo reunite in heartwarming modern drama

Liu Tao and Yang Shuo are confirmed for We Must All Be Fine 我们都要好好的, an inspirational modern romance drama that focuses on the lives of divorcees and their journey of rediscovery.

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Concubine Meng Arrives releases posters

Hey, these aren’t too bad…

Concubine Meng Arrives 萌妃驾到 has released posters.  Starring Jiro WangJin ChenXia YiyaoHan JiunuoMi NuoTang MengjiaShen YaoZhang HaiyuLiu Guanlin, and Chen Dexiu, anybody interested can check out the costumes.

More below the cut.

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Concubine Meng Arrives prepares for filming

At least now there’s some more light-hearted period dramas going into production.

Concubine Meng Arrives 萌妃驾到 has started filming, seemingly based on the novel of the same name by Mu Yu.  Starring Jiro WangJin ChenXia YiyaoHan JiunuoMi NuoTang MengjiaShen YaoZhang HaiyuLiu Guanlin, and Chen Dexiu,

(WARNING!!) Spoilers below the cut.

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Jin Chen out, Wang Likun in for Martial Universe


If I do end up watching this drama, it would be for Wang Likun.

Martial Universe 武动乾坤, the upcoming fantasy drama starring Yang Yang (I Belonged To You) is the latest drama to get embroiled in a public casting shakeup. Zhang Tianai and Jin Chen were initially slated to play female leads Ling Qingzhu and Ying Huanhuan respectively, though it was announced today that Zhang Tianai will be taking on the role of Ying Huanhuan instead, while Wang Likun (Somewhere Only We Know) will play Ling Qingzhu. Continue reading

Zhang Tianai, Jin Chen join Yang Yang in Martial Universe


Will this drama be able to redefine the Chinese fantasy genre?

Zhang Tianai (Go Princess Go) and Jin Chen (The Imperial Doctress) are set to star as the female leads in fantasy-cultivation drama Martial Universe 武动乾坤, which had earlier confirmed rising actor Yang Yang (Just One Smile Is Very Alluring/Love O2O) as the male lead.

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Chinese Paladin 5: Clouds of the World set for release

… and we return to RPG-inspired dramas,

Chinese Paladin 5: Clouds of the World is aiming for a May 23rd release date, starring Han Dongjun, Gulnazar, Zheng Yuanchang, Xiao Caiqi, and Jin Chen.  Those looking forward to this can probably expect more goodies soon.

More stills below the cut.
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Weddings aglore in Azure Hill


The mysterious town near Azure Hills, where no wedding ever works out, and the Lantern Festival occurs every other day.

Tang Yixin, Wang Kai, Jin Chen, Xiaocaiqi, Yao Yixin, Zhai Tianlin and Mike Angelo are only some of the people (foxes) getting married in the currently-airing Foxes of Azure Hill/Legend of Qing Qiu Fox.

So far, I would say the three chapters are in reverse order of quality.  Xiaocaiqi and Fu Xinbo make a surprisingly cute pair in probably the best-written chapter so far, Jiang Kaitong and Zhai Tianlin pull off the over-the-top story with their natural cuteness (although his dubber is the worst), while Chen Yao is the only redeeming feature of chapter 1.

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The Imperial Doctress to air

Ignore the historical inaccuracies on the story-side, gawk at successes on the costume-side… and wonder why Chinese drama releases are trying to put dark rings around our eyes…  We’re really all going to need doctors after this for sleep disorders…

The Imperial Doctress is set to air.  Starring Liu ShishiWallace Huo, Huang Xuan, Li Chengyuan, Jin Chen, and Yuan Wenkang, here is to more stills and goodies to drum up to the release.

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The Foxes of Azure Hills airs on Chinese New Year

The real reason this is airing relatively quickly after filming...

The real reason this is airing relatively quickly after filming…

The Foxes of Azure Hills/Legend of the Qing Qiu Fox seems to be set for release tomorrow, February 8th.  Starring Jiang Jinfu, Gulnazar, Jin Chen,  Mike D. AngeloXiao Caiqi,  Chen Yao, Zhang Ruoyun, Zhang RuoxuanJiang Kaitong, Zhai Tianlin, Fu Xinbo and Wang Kai, prepare for the usual promotion barrage.

Theme song by Yu Kewei below and more goodies below the cut.

Theme song 2, Insert song by Claire Kuo, Promo 1, Wang Kai Promo 2, Trailer-Promo 3,

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The Foxes of Azure Hills set to air in February

I am hoping that some of the improvements in production value from Qin’s moon carry over into this drama.

The Foxes of Azure Hills has released foggy stills with plenty of editing.  Starring Jiang Jinfu, Gulnazar, Jin Chen,  Mike D. Angelo (as Wu Yifan), Xiao Caiqi (as Sun Li),  Chen Yao, Zhang Ruoyun, Zhang RuoxuanJiang Kaitong (as Liu Shishi), Zhai Tianlin, Fu Xinbo and Wang Kai (as Yuan Hong), those looking forward to this drama can probably look for a late February release. This is the third drama to air in a role starring Jiang Jinfu (the other two being Qin’s Moon and The Adventure for Love 寻找爱的冒险, which airs on the 20th on Hunan TV), and the sixth with Wang Kai.

More stills below the cut.
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