Six faces of Fan Bingbing for Grazia


If Fan Bingbing on the left and Fan Bingbing on the right acted opposite each other, it would be a pretty awesome show.

From childish to sexy to classy to  androgynous, Fan Bingbing shows  six faces of herself for  Grazia China’s 6th anniversary.    My only complaint is that the androgynous Fan Bingbing this time is not as hot as when she fought droids in the Unfollow ad, but it’ll do. Photos by Chen Man, who also did the Elle cover shoot with Fan Bingbing.

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The Empress of China finally gets her coronation


Yes, that is a solid gold tree in the background.

After over 80 episodes, Fan Bingbing‘s Wu Zetian finally becomes The Empress of China to Aarif Lee‘s Emperor. The outfits were apparently so heavy that Aarif Lee couldn’t say his lines after climbing the stairs.  He’s lucky, because Fan Bingbing still has to become the Heavenly Empress and the Empress Regent, each of whose costumes are even more elaborate and heavy.  Some photos from the extravagant scene (episode 85 and highly recommended, complete with a gold tree) below the cut.

Zhang Jane@YouTube was even kind enough to put up a cut of it, so you really have no excuse to not watch it.

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Fan Bingbing tries a different style for Marie Claire

Intricate headdresses and cleavage aren’t only to be found in The Empress of China; Fan Bingbing brings those characteristic elements of the (uncensored version of) The Empress of China to her new shoot with Marie Claire. One of the costumes has a “Virtuous Empress of Han” vibe, but the rest are largely modern – look below the cut for more! Continue reading

Wu Zetian whips her hair around : a glimpse at Tang dynasty hairstyles


If you don’t love your hair as much as Shirley, Fan Bingbing sports some of Tang dynasty’s fanciest wigs to give you some options..

If you have 260 outfits like Fan Bingbing‘s Wu Zetian, then you certainly got to have the perfect hairstyle to match each one. Here are a round-up of some of Tang imperial fashion a la The Empress of China while we wait for Li Shimin to die already (Seriously, we’re over half way through the drama and the ex-husband haven’t even died yet. Shouldn’t this happen in ep 1 of most dramas?).

Note that I’m no expert at all, and the drama is no historical documentary. Plus, being a drama of the imperial court, most styles are highly decorative and not really what you would see in everyday Tang.
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The Empress of China breaks records via premier


The Empress of China really does rule. Not only did it take over the top spot on Chinese TV in one day after a low season for Chinese dramas, but the premier broke records for highest opening day rating, and the most viewed drama per day online.

I don’t think you’ll see so many pretty outfits in one drama (the background dancers changed outfits three times in one episode) .  The dialogue between the females start off a bit weak, but the plot picks up quickly and does a good job of highlighting what makes a series about Wu Zetian unique –  one that entangles both court and harem intrigue.    The music is beautiful, and the set is amazing.  Also, baby Li Zhi has the cutest dimples ever and I totally ship him and Ruyi in a non-creepy way.

Have you seen it? What are your thoughts?

Here’s the ending MV for the theme by Jane Zhang:

image credit: yojyo

Photoshoot Friday: December 19, 2014

With her side-parted red hair in that photoshoot for L’Officiel, super model Sui He reminds me of Jessica Rabbit. She’s surrounded by superstars this week: Zhang Ziyi looks like she’s ready for an evening party, while Ni Ni seems like she just wants to cuddle with a book. Gao Yuanyuan looks like she’s having fun, stuns for Elle, while Fan Bingbing looks as glamorous as ever. Look below the cut for more pictures.  Continue reading

The Empress of China plays with power in new trailer

No, you’re not experiencing a glitch in the matrix.  Fan Bingbing’s just so awesome that we have three posts in a row on her latest series.

Fan Bingbing‘s The Empress of China released yet another gorgeous trailer, this time themed on power and intrigue.     I think I would watch this show just for Fan Bingbing’s face.

Fan Bingbing shines at 82 in The Empress of China

Probably something close to what my face looked like when I first saw this… doing a double-take.

More stills of what looks like the palace entrance ceremony for court ladies has been released for The Empress of China, featuring Fan Bingbing, Kathy Chow, and Janine Chang.  Finally, Fan Bingbing has taken it upon herself to show us what the 82 year old (assuming in Chinese years since Wu Zetian died at 81) empress will look like before she leaves this world.

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