The female characters from Secret of the Three Kingdoms get their turn in the spotlight

Secret of the Three Kingdoms is the latest project from screenwriter Chang Jiang (The Advisors Alliance), and stars Ma Tianyu (The Founding of an Army) as the last emperor of Eastern Han and Han Dongjun (Wu Xin: The Monster Killer II) as Sima Yi.

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Ma Tianyu, Han Dongjun lead new Three Kingdoms drama


It seems like Tangren (nicknamed ‘Poor Tang/穷唐’) has been investing more money and effort into their costumes lately…

Character posters have been released for Secret of the Three Kingdoms 三国机密之潜龙在渊, the drama adaption of Ma Boyong’s novels of the same name. Starring Ma Tianyu (Beauty Private Kitchen), Han Dongjun (Chinese Paladin 5) and Wan Qian (Glory of the Tang Dynasty), it focuses on the power struggle between Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty and powerful warlord Cao Cao (Tse Kwan-ho).

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Tong Liya, Chen Sicheng wedding photos


“…Sichen and my love, went in the direction of marriage from the very start. No searchings, no uncertainties, he’s always loved me with his heart, and I’ve never wavered.”

Joining the January marriage/wedding club are Tong Liya, Chen Sicheng, who held their wedding this Wednesday in Tahiti. The couple met and started dating during the filming of Beijing Love Story, for which they were the leads and Chen Sicheng was the director and scriptwriter. More photos from the wedding below the cut.
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“Condor Heroes” release stills for Dong Xuan,Yan Yikuan


Dong Xuan, Yan Yikuan goes to the Yule Ball.

While the leads of The Condor Heroes are getting all sorts of hate,  the rest of the cast still get pretty stills.  The latest set released are of name-changed Yan Yikuan as Wang Chongyang, the founder of the Quanzhen Sect,  and Dong Xuan as Lin Chaoyin,  the founder of the Ancient Tomb Sect of the main character XiaoLongNv.  The pair of star-crossed lovers has a rather beautiful love story, which you can read more about here.

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Music Monday: November 18, 2013

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

This weeks Music Monday features 3:50 minutes of carefree fun with Love Band, imagine what it’s like to meet your true love with Cao Yin, admire someone’s side profile with Du Yupeng, animation of life with Huang Zhen and Zhang Xinyi, serenade to your beloved with Liu Xin x2, parachute with Wang Yuexin, rip paper with Qing Xin, self praise with Yan Su, be a chick magnet with Yi Xin.

Actress Dong Xuan 董璇 celebrates the tenth year anniversary of her fan club Whirlwind 璇風 (Xuan Feng), with a few lucky fans in this MV titled Ten Years. Currently, the actress is filming Heroes and Heroines of Shanghai and The Condor Heroes.
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Dong Xuan shows of her classic beauty in Vogue


Since Dong Xuan‘s marriage to fellow actor Gao Yunxiang in August of 2011, she only had a guest appearance in the popular Beijing Love Story 北京爱情故事. The newlywed also starred in a drama about a pair of newly married couple in Mother-In-Law is Mother 娶了媳妇不忘娘 in early 2012.

Dong Xuan will be making her return with two Early Republic Dramas. She will star alongside Lu Yi in Scarlet Golden League 血色金盟, to be aired sometimes this year. And she is currently filming Heroes and Heroines Battle Shanghai 英雄儿女战上海 in which she plays a magician.
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Photoshoot Friday: June 14, 2013

 photo 704_200128_912679_zpsb12bb478.jpg

Zhou Xun sets a high standard with her grace here.

Bride-to-be Zhang Xinyi was gorgeous in lace and feathers for Modern Bride; she and Zheng Leipai‘s sweeping dresses help create a sort of Gothic theme for this round up. Qin Lan has a pixie cut with threads of red and blue, and Dong Xuan looks surprised in her almost gloomy set. Zhang Jingchu, with her role in upcoming movie The Switch, is confident against red lacquer, and Shu Qi adds a few more long dresses to our collection of fashionable gowns. I’ve always thought hat Eddy Peng had the cutest baby face, but he really exudes a new type of maturity for Milk.

Perhaps most exciting of all…look at the end of the shoot for a little surprise regarding Yao Chen. It must be significant if Bazaar gives her three covers for it. Look below the cut for more pictures.  Continue reading

More Merry Christmas!


Dong Xuan and Gao Yunxiang continuing their trend of being so cute and in love that they managed to pair off all of theirfriends.

More Holiday cuteness, this time from actors Dong Xuan and Gao Yunxiang! Also see Christmas shoots of Tang Wei/Wu Xiubo and Han Chengyu/Qiao Qiao(who has been super pretty in “In Love with Power, btw” ).

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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Photoshoot Round-up, Week 5: Costumes and other Miscellaneous

Dong Xuan with a letter and hairstyle from the past.

In this batch, actress Chen Shu takes on Bazaar magazine and sports a light veil throughout most of the shoot. In the second feature, actress Dong Xuan (Unbeatable) goes nicely retro; look below to find more stills.  There’s also a still from one of Tong Liya’s recent photoshoots. I’m not quite sure what the point of that one was, unless it was to prove that yes, she does eat. Her other shoot, where she promotes an online game, is a fluorescent blue, but much nicer.
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