Music Monday: December 14, 2015

Good Morning Beautifuls!! Nothing is better than starting the day with cute babies and a good song =) This week’s lineup includes some familiar faces, some all-grown-up baby-faces, and some heartbreaking OSTs.

But first Grace Jie Jie’s daddy Gary Chao (曹格) wants to tell children of the world that Life Is Beautiful (美丽人生). Both of Gary’s children, Joe and Grace, are featured in this MV. Aren’t they just precious? <3

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eeMedia, SM Entertainment collaborate for new talent show

aka how Li Yuchun's team scared the other team to tears before the other team even got a chance to perform.

aka how Li Yuchun scares her opponent to tears with her awesomeness

If you want to watch an example of how to pull a boyband together, X Fire 燃烧吧少年 is it. From eeMedia and SM Entertainment ,  you’ll think the show is a freak show after episode 1,  you’ll fall in love with the same people after the team work their miracles on them in ep 2.  Two weeks later in episode 3, you’ll be filled with team spirit and wish  Li Yuchun’s team would debut already.

Joining the show to create eeMedia and SM’s new boyband are opponent team leader Shu Qi,  eeMedia CEO Long Danni, song arrangement and choreographers from both eeMedia and  SM Entertainment,  and Su Mang, editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar China and CEO of the Trends Group, which publishes the mainland versions of Cosmopolitan and Esquire.    Host-actress Yi Yi and singer Bai Jugang round up the group.

The show is best watched as a whole to get a true sense of the transformations of the boys (and the magic of Li Yuchun). Their dancing in general are pretty week, but here are a few of my favorite performances so far:

Gu Jiacheng (23) 谷嘉成X伍嘉诚 Wu Jiacheng (22) – Two time first-places and one-time second place. I love the opening of this arrangement (Li Yuchun’s idea).

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Photoshoot Friday: Pastels

Li Yuchun looks like a rockstar, even with easter pink and green backgrounds; Bei’er is sweet and cute. Zhou Dongyu glows in hot pink, but she still doesn’t look like she’s aged in the past few years. Gao Yunxiang looks like he’s ready to go on a date – maybe with his wife, Dong Xuan? Look under the cut for more pictures.  Continue reading

Li Yuchun for L’Officiel

Singer Li Yuchun is as eye-catching as ever in her new photo shoot for L’Officiel (but I really don’t know where all the breezy blue-sky/ flowery summer photoshoots are this year…! Not that I mind the way these look). She probably has more photoshoots than any other musician I know of…

Also, she recently released a new album, “1987, I Didn’t Know I Would Meet You.” idarklight considers it one of the best pop albums of the year. You can find a collection of songs from that album on Youtube hereContinue reading

Photoshoot Friday: (belated) July 5, 2014

Cecilia Cheung‘s photoshoot for L’Officiel is my favorite this time, because of how nice all the colors look, though Li Bingbing and Angelababy also sport nice photoshoots for Trendshealth and Bazaar, respectively. Li Yuchun also makes an appearance, sporting a black tiara that I thought was her hair at first. Look below the cut for more pictures! Continue reading

Zhou Xun, Zhang Yadong, Piao Shu by Li Yuchun

Zhou Xun and Li Yuchun, who would’ve imagined this pair?

Not content with just directing her own MV’s, Li Yuchun wants to begin shooting for others. Her first project, a part of her new album , includes taking photos of others who are “cool.” That includes actress Zhou Xun and musicians Piao Shu and Zhang Yadong. So she’s not that exciting of a photographer, but whoever is shooting her shooting other people is amazing.  Watch the beautiful extras MV below of Zhou Xun and Li Yuchun.

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