Air date update, January 2018

As always, watch this space for the latest updates. All dates and dramas are subject to change.

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Air date update, November 2017

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Game of Hunting is finally going to air! Director/screenwriter Jiang Wei (Lurk, Borrow Gun) has always produced solid dramas – Hu Ge’s participation is just icing on the cake.

Update: Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy is probably going to premiere online at the end of November.

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Air date update, October 2017

The small screen will be overflowing with military/red dramas due to National Day (Oct 1st) and the People’s Liberation Army’s 90th anniversary, though there will be a couple of idol romance dramas featuring Zheng Kai, Yuan Shanshan, Jiang Xin etc. in between.

The Starry Night, The Starry Sea 2 那片星空那片海2 – Oct 2
Featuring: Feng Shaofeng, Bea Hayden, Bosco Wong, Ye Qing
Details: 34 episodes, weekly drama (Mon-Wed) on Hunan TV

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Air date update, September 2017


Here’s a list of upcoming Cdramas that are scheduled to air in September. All dates are subject to change, so watch this space for the latest updates.

Burning Ice 无证之罪 – Sept 6
Featuring: Qin Hao, Deng Jiajia
Details: 12 episodes, weekly drama on iQiyi

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Air date update, August 2017

The Autumn Harvest Uprising 秋收起义 – August 1
Featuring: Hou Jingjian, Zhao Han Yingzi
Details: 30 episodes, daily drama on Hunan TV

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Air date update, June 2017

I hope the date for The Advisors Alliance sticks, because I am so ready.

Jade / Female Butler 女管家 – June 3
Featuring: Janine Chang, Liu Huan (actor), Tse Kwanho
Details: 43 episodes, daily drama on Shandong TV/Hubei TV

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Air date update, May 2017


The Air date update feature is back! Dates and details may be subject to change. I think it’s pretty obvious which drama I’ll be watching..

Double Sweet Wife 总裁误宠替身甜妻 – May  2
Featuring: He Minghan, Zhang Pengpeng
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What’s airing, Spring 2016

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A selected list of airing times for dramas to air this spring.  Everything is subject to change. Which ones are you looking forward to?

Stars to release include Liu Tao, Jiang Xin, Dilraba, Wang KaiHu Ge, Liu Shishi, Zhang RuoyunHuang Xuan, Zhang Meng,William Chan, Jerry YanIm Yoona, Godfrey Gao, Yan YIkuan, Yang Le, Tang Yixin, Zheng Kai, Jin Dong, Wan Qian, Zu Feng, etc.

2016 Spring Airing Times

The Love of Happiness 因为爱情有幸福 , February  24
Featuring: William Chan, Tang Yixin  (They dubbed themselves! Even William Chan with his major Cantonese accent!)

Because of Love 因为爱, February 28
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Air date update: August 2015

More excited for Hu Ge’s drama next month, but ah well…

The following dramas are supposed to come out sometime in August:
01.解忧公主(2015年08月) Princess Jieyou (Zhang Xinyi, Yuanhong) 
02.新萧十一郎(2015年08月) New Xiao Shiyi Lang (Yan Kuan, Gan Tingting)
03.武神赵子龙(2015年08月) God of War: Zhao Zilong (Lin Gengxin, Yuna)
04.心香女人(2015年08月) Women of Heart’s Fragrance (Han Dong, Jiang Kaitong)
05.调皮王妃(2015年08月) The Mischievous Princess
06.女子日记之做决定事务所(2015年08月) A Girl’s Diary: Things (I’m) Determined to Do

07.裸嫁时代(2015/8/2) Because of Love (Wang Lei, Cao Xiwen)
08.我的铁血金戈梦(2015/8/3) My Dream of Iron Blood, Gold Ge
09.暗黑者2(2015/8/3) Death Notify, The Darker Season 2 (this was supposed to come out in July)
10.枪火英雄(2015/8/3) Heroes Among Gunfire
11.迫在眉睫(2015/8/4) Imminent (Gillian Chung, Baron Chen)
12.太行山上(2015/8/4) On Mount Taixing (Tang Guoqiang)
13.秀才遇到兵(2015/8/5) The Genius Meets the Soldiers (Li Chen, Ma Su)
14.我的绝密生涯(2015/8/9) My Sweet (and Sexy?) Career
15.神犬小七(2015/8/9) The Divine Dog Xiao Qi (Hayden Bea/Kuo Beating, Jin Shijia)
16.校花的贴身高手(2015/8/10) An Expert by the Side of the School Beauty
17.拆局专家(2015/8/10) An Expert at Breaking Ruses
19.我的媳妇是女王(2015/8/11) My Wife is a Queen (Huo Siyan)
20.狐影(2015/8/12) Fox Shadow
21.野山鹰(2015/8/14) The Eagle Corps
22.二胎时代(2015/8/14) The Era of the Second Child
23.最佳恋人/最佳前男友(2015/8/15) The Perfect Lover/The Perfect Ex-Boyfriend
24.激战(2015/8/20) Fighting
25.黄河在咆哮(2015/8/21) There Are Bombs Sounding by the Yellow River
26.铁在烧(2015/8/26) Burning Iron (Wang Lei, Liu Tao)
27.毕业歌(2015/8/26) A Song of Graduation (Fu Xinbo, LI Xiaozai)
28.伪装者(2015/8/27) The Disguiser (Hu Ge)