Righteous Ardour of Changan to be released

Mystery drama for those who want something different.

Righteous Ardour of Changan (Detective Samoyeds) 热血长安 is set to be released on January 13th.  Special thanks to Sharon for pointing out the upcoming release date.  Starring Xu HaiqiaoJu JingyiZhang XinyuanChen XiaomengLi He, and Liu Guanlin, those interested can maybe check it out.

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Sinology Sunday: February 12, 2017

Clothing from the kingdom of Chu. I seem to remember that Chu, although conquered later by the Qin, seemed to have a strong influence from a cultural  perspective on the Han Dynasty (Clothing and Happiness).

It’s been a while since we’ve done this so we’re going to do a more historically-inspired take through the Chinese history timeline.  This week we start with the Warring States Period from Clothing and Happiness 裝束與樂舞 and Experiencing Dynastic Restoration 朝代復原體驗.  Remember that this is still a time period when Chinese underwear was in develop to properly cover the body.  Therefore, thick and heavy clothes were favored by the upper class.

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Zhou Xun, Eddie Peng lead wartime drama film Our Time Will Come

Our Time Will Come 明月几时有 (previously known as The Great Escape) is the latest project from critically acclaimed director Ann Hui (The Golden Era) and stars Zhou Xun (Meet Miss Anxiety) as Fang Gu, a school teacher who becomes a guerrilla fighter in order to defend Hong Kong from Japanese occupation.

Eddie Peng plays Liu Jinjin, a legendary gunman who is also a master of disguise. He is a well-educated youth who can hold his own in a debate with scholars, as well as a skilled fighter capable of protecting his comrades.

Wallace Huo (Suddenly Seventeen) is the romantic idealist Li Jinrong, who only dreams of a peaceful future with his lover Fang Gu. Li Jinrong soon realises there is no place for naivety in a place torn apart by war, and joins a group of fighters to protect his homeland.

Our Time Will Come is slated to premiere on July 1st. 

Son of Hero images

I was having doubts about this drama at first but some of the sets and stuff are really nice.

These Son of Hero have been sitting around for a while.  Starring Gao Yunxiang, Li Man, Zhu ZixiaoLiu YuxinXie Xiangming, Zhang ZijianShi XiaolongYang TongshuWeng HongMa JunweiShang Tiantong, and Jiang Mingyang, something for people looking for a Song dynasty drama.

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The Taoism Grandmaster has more images

So many productions. So little time.

The Taoism Grandmaster 玄门大师 has a couple more stills sitting on my computer so here they go.  Starring Tong MengshiWang XiuzhuPei ZitianZhao YueWang YoushuoZhang YazhuoLi DaikunYang XuanyiChu HanLiu Zewen, Li Ji, Wu YutongGuo JinZhang Ze, and Li Xinzhe, another action drama for the picking.

More character posters below the cut.

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Castin call for Wu’ershan’s latest film

Director Wu’ershan (Painted Skin II, Mojin: The Lost Legend) is one of the most consistent commercial film directors of his generation and imo the best Chinese-fantasy film director currently available. He has an open casting call for the leads of his next historical-fantasy film.

If you’re between the ages of 16-25, sign up with your cv and a photo or a video (I presume? It didn’t say in the casting call) at fengshen_casting@163.com or call at 18519159097 for more details.

source: Chen Kun’s Weibo

Last of The Legend of Dugu stills flood

Last look for now.

The last bit of The Legend of Dugu 独孤天下 stills today.  Starring Hu BingqingZhang DanfengAn YixuanLi YixiaoXu Zhengxi, and Ying Haoming, more for those who like the costuming.

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