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584 thoughts on “Chatbox

  1. Sigh, why is it always that the finals of I am a Singer are not as good as expectations (i.e. the duets end up being rather dissapointing/ just plain bad).

    Also kudos to Wang Han showing exceptional hosting abilities, especially since this was a live broadcast.

    • I liked this finale a lot better than the last one. I loved Tan Weiwei and Cui Jian. Also enjoyed Li Jian and Anson’s second songs. Probably my favorite Anson song of the season.

      • For the duets I think I liked Sun Nan’s one the best – it was a new concept and it surprisingly worked very well. The other one was Anson and David Tao’s duet – they actually had chemistry as opposed to just singing side by side on stage (cough Han Hong and Eason who by the way looked extremely bored on stage). Li Jian and Cui Jianbo’s duet started off well then ended horribly when it was obvious neither knew Cantonese and they ended up singing out of sync…..

        • Oh my god, Li Jian’s duet was a hot mess. David Tao was very awkward trying to sing like a rocker. Shin sounded like he was karaoke-ing.Is it just me or were a lot of people off-rhythm?
          I really liked Sun Nan’s duet, though, and the individual songs were much better than the duets.
          Also, agreed about Wang Han. Amazing hosting.

  2. Admin! Can you please do a music article? :D I can’t really find songs/artists because cpop isn’t all that popular right now :( Thanks!~

    • Unfortunately, we all have limited time, and because the pop music industry is a bit more stagnant than the other entertainment industries or even the indie music scene, most of us haven’t had much time to cover pop as much as we would’ve liked.

      However … A new writer is doing a music post tonight! Keep your eyes out! ;P

      • Thank you! Any chinese music is helpful really (I’m trying to learn Chinese through assimilation, it’s not the most effective way. But hey, if it gets it done). Oh and don’t feel rushed because of me, I understand if you guys are busy! Thank you for running this blog! I appreciate it!~

  3. Hey guys, can anyone help with info on when the next Chinese X factor, or The Voice will be and how I can audition? (That’s considering that foreigners are allowed to.) I’m fairly new here so don’t know much, but I’ll appreciate the help.


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