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  1. Anyone watching King of Masked singer? It’s basically I am a Singer but with masks. Supposedly it’s to make it anonymous so that singers can try new things without the pressure of knowing who they are (except like everyone except the judges can basically recognise the singers based on appearance and voice immediately). However the rules are completely retarded – the worse you are, the more episodes you get to sing in and those that are good and win leave the stage.

    I wish they actually followed the rules of the original Korean version and used it as a chance for newcomers or actors/hosts to sing. It would have been a lot better at discovering talents and give them a chance to compete with established singers. Also they should totally reverse it and have those that lose take off their masks and leave – you know because that would be logical (except China apparently doesn’t have enough singers to support that system, according to the producers).

    Oh well, at least we get to hear good singing in this competition.

    • I don’t love the format either. It’s super, super to guess who the masked singers are. And it’s always the same people on these shows. How many of these reality singing contest shows has Sun Nan been on? Like… more than half a dozen now, right? Gosh. A billion other people, and all we get is Sun Nan, over and over again…

      I’d like to see some non-singer singers on the show too. Everyone in the Chinese entertainment industry is expected to be able to sing (for some reason), so they could easily just pluck an actor with a decent voice to go on the show.

      • Agree. You think with the entirety of the Chinese entertainment industry including singers, actors/actresses, hosts etc. they could find some new people to go on this show. It doesn’t have the pressure of I am a Singer to find famous singers, the whole concept of the mask is to hide who people are.

    • China doesn’t have enough singers to support the system? And they’ve already gotten quite a few TW/HK ones already . . . (therefore making it incredibly easy for me to guess who they are)
      I actually quite like that I can identify most of the singers and that I like quite a few of them, as they are skilled at this sort of thing, and was really excited when Valen Hsu, someone you’d never expect, went on.

      But is it necessary that they get the more established, well-known ones all the time? :(

      I feel like, just considering how sad the Mainland China music industry is, if they don’t want actors/ TV hosts doing it for the sake of quality of music, they should really promote Mainland artistes through “King of Masked Singer” — that is, Mainland singers who haven’t made their career via televised singing competitions. As an international fan, I’m totally cool with all these amazing TW/HK-based Mandarin/Cantonese singers though.

      I agree that the show format is pretty messed up, but I’m rather relieved that Sun Nan’s left (sorry . . .).

  2. Despite having formed a conglomerate with Taihe Rye, Ocean Butterflies remains to be financially unstable, as demonstrated in BY2’s most recent music video releases.

    But seriously — the songs sound amazing, but on the other hand, the MVs . . .实在太扯了 :'(

    BY2 should really switch companies; they could do so much better in Linfair Records, or maybe even Warner . . . OB Music is really good at discovering talents, but promoting them? Not so much D:

    • I agree. On the plus side, they’re now uploading all the old Taihe Rye MV’s, which is always fun! Can I say that Taihe Rye has the weird ensemble of artists? So many indie artists, rock bands, and then people like M.I.C. and Li Yuchun …

      I don’t know about Linfair, though. I feel like Linfair is kind of falling apart now that their chief composer/lyricist left. Their music quality seems to have dropped along with her leaving. Also sad that Angela Zhang and Huang Yali aren’t with them anymore.

      • From Linfair I listen to Harlem Yu and William Wei (rather than the company as a whole) and both of them write their own songs so their songs’ quality hasn’t dropped just yet. But was it Tina Wang who left?
        I haven’t listened to Claire Guo in ages, though . . .

        Considering the popularity of their artistes, going indie seems to be a good choice for OB. Which begs the question . . . what happened? 2011 – 2013 BY2 was going really strong, and it just so happens that that was when their MVs were at the highest quality. I think BY2 is still somewhat popular, or, at the very least, the only artiste that I know of still stuck in Ocean Butterflies, but, if anything, it’s these new MVs that has been ruining their popularity. I’m not all that concerned about their quality of music, because they’ve always been pretty good with that, but think that they should just move to a company that isn’t half bankrupt.

  3. I remember how there was a debate a while ago when Exo first debuted if they would be covered…. seems like half of exo m is fair game now lol…

  4. So I just watched the first ep of Daddy where are you going – omg the kids are so cute! Summer is probably going to end up being the poster girl/ love child of every magazine photoshoot in the foreseeable future.

  5. Completely and utterly disappointed by G.E.M.’s new song “Heartbeat” (even though she’s usually amazing and everything). I’m sorry but no. :'(

    (It sounds like what I would associate with “crappy American pop” :O )

  6. Is anyone else watching 《极限挑战》 Amazing Race? It features Show Luo, Huang Lei, Sun Honglei, EXO’s Lay, Huang Bo, and Wang Xun, and I think it’s rather well done actually. The eps are available on YouTube and everything~

    • I’m watching it! It’s actually a lot of fun, and one of the better shows recently. I especially enjoyed last episode with the bombings (even though you know they weren’t going to get bombed … )

  7. i have been watch return of the condor heroes for years, and i am so disappointed to see you as the LDG. You are just not at all pretty enough for the role. This is not meant to be a mean message, it is simply an observable. Only a select group of girls with the right ‘goddess’ look should play this role, anything else will destroy the whole drama.

    • Jane zhang would be a perfect chinese representant in the ABU TV Song Festival 2015. Last year, CCTV did a good job selecting Bibi Zhou for the festival, but I think that we will have to wait in order to know who will represent China this year.

      • Mainland China nowadays has got so many interesting singers and bands… Many singers could be elegible to represent China in the ABU TV Song Festival 2015, but CCTV should not select traditional or ethnic performers as used to do in the first two years since their debut in that event in 2012.

        Maybe Jason Zhang or Wei Chen…

    • After thinking for a while I think it’s time for CCTV to send Jike Junyi. She’s a very good singer with a lot of charisma, and with a great personality in her voice. She could rock the stage in Istanbul with a power ballad or a dance song.

  8. Is there any way to get the old posts back from the cfensi dramaddicts site? I know it’s been a while, but there were some great posts during the time the site was up.

          • Can we somehow start another dramaddicts site. cfensi.dramaddicts had a really nice layout, chat box and great forum section. Maybe this time more people can share the password and have ability to take ownership of the site incase something happens to the sole owner of the site?

            • I only have a back up of the forum database unfortunately.
              The problem with dramaddicts was that we were being hosted, so we had no control over that domain. Everything was done through FTP and I was only able to make forum back-ups through the forum admin panel. We have been in talks of getting our own domain for a while now which I would love, but cfensi.com keeps being taken by people who want to make a buck. 😟

  9. Huang Xiaoming posted a picture of wedding certificates. I guess it’s safe to guess he and Angelababy tied the knot?

  10. Hey guys, can anyone help with info on when the next Chinese X factor, or The Voice will be and how I can audition? (That’s considering that foreigners are allowed to.) I’m fairly new here so don’t know much, but I’ll appreciate the help.


  11. Admin! Can you please do a music article? :D I can’t really find songs/artists because cpop isn’t all that popular right now :( Thanks!~

    • Unfortunately, we all have limited time, and because the pop music industry is a bit more stagnant than the other entertainment industries or even the indie music scene, most of us haven’t had much time to cover pop as much as we would’ve liked.

      However … A new writer is doing a music post tonight! Keep your eyes out! ;P

      • Thank you! Any chinese music is helpful really (I’m trying to learn Chinese through assimilation, it’s not the most effective way. But hey, if it gets it done). Oh and don’t feel rushed because of me, I understand if you guys are busy! Thank you for running this blog! I appreciate it!~

  12. Sigh, why is it always that the finals of I am a Singer are not as good as expectations (i.e. the duets end up being rather dissapointing/ just plain bad).

    Also kudos to Wang Han showing exceptional hosting abilities, especially since this was a live broadcast.

    • I liked this finale a lot better than the last one. I loved Tan Weiwei and Cui Jian. Also enjoyed Li Jian and Anson’s second songs. Probably my favorite Anson song of the season.

      • For the duets I think I liked Sun Nan’s one the best – it was a new concept and it surprisingly worked very well. The other one was Anson and David Tao’s duet – they actually had chemistry as opposed to just singing side by side on stage (cough Han Hong and Eason who by the way looked extremely bored on stage). Li Jian and Cui Jianbo’s duet started off well then ended horribly when it was obvious neither knew Cantonese and they ended up singing out of sync…..

        • Oh my god, Li Jian’s duet was a hot mess. David Tao was very awkward trying to sing like a rocker. Shin sounded like he was karaoke-ing.Is it just me or were a lot of people off-rhythm?
          I really liked Sun Nan’s duet, though, and the individual songs were much better than the duets.
          Also, agreed about Wang Han. Amazing hosting.

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