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  1. So kpop T-ara is going to do a version of little apple. Heard that song everywhere when I went last month… uncles and aunts kept trying to force little kids to dance to it.

  2. Oh, I also wanted to say before. On the old domain I think I remember someone saying cfensi was mentioned on baidu. But now since it’s wordpress it’s blocked on mainland.

    • We’re still accessible on the Mainland, as far as I can tell, and we do seem to get a few stray visitors every now and then. Of course, we don’t get a lot of traffic from China for obvious reasons…

  3. Best Chinese short films/really nice Chinese short films?

    I showed my floormates 安全感, which I loved, but I didn’t really like the other ones in the SUpergirl series…any other recs, for like, really nice and enjoyable short films? :( :( :( Help meee~

    • I liked most of the short films by the director of 安全感. 我要杀人,灭绝师太(but that requires background knowledge).
      Also liked the sci-fi one with Chen Xiang + Ying’er

    • I’m a wee bit disappointed that there wasn’t a giant pear in Top Combine’s MV. But at least this single is waaaay better than Chocolate Bar.

  4. Just finished the fourth episode of Grade One and I’m shipping Chen Sicheng & Chen Laoshi so badly! *melts into a puddle*

    • And Li Haoyu is extremely hilarious, he was going after An Qi’er just two episodes back and now he confessed his love to Wang Zixuan hahaha

    • I’m super impressed with Chen Xuedong. Never thought he would be so considerate and sweet, but harsh and neutral when he needs to be.

      My heart melted when Chen Sicheng introduced himself as “Chen Sicheng, Chen Laoshi’s Chen.”

      • Same feelings about Chen Xuedong, especially given that his previous image was rather kid-like himself.
        The Chen Sicheng/Chen Xuedong amusement park outing/weekend was so adorable. Chen Sicheng is definitely my favorite. Wang Zixuan is my second favorite. I thought she was going to be a spoiled princess, but she’s so sweet and earnest.

  5. Any recs for a good, preferably wuxia-esque drama series? (Epic love story preferred xD) I want to marathon something during the weekend/break…

    And if not, any recs for a good, preferabbly epic-love storied drama series?~

  6. Just finished Desert Melody (Legend of the Wind or whatever other name it was called), it was pretty good for a novel adaptation and they kept most things right in there which was nice. The scenery was also pretty which was a big bonus.

    Now I have nothing left on my list to watch – any recommendations? I was hoping The Four would be released sometime this year but I don’t think that is going to happen any time soon :( (Lol there should be a compiled list of anticipated series which have been filmed but have no air date in sight) I prefer Ancient series.

    • I’ve managed to finish 情定三生. It’s not top-tiered, but the plot is fast-moving and intense in a 狗血 romance way, Yang Rong is beautiful, and the male lead (by whom I mean Chi Rui) is really good-looking.

      • I’ll check it out. Speaking of Yang Rong – is Cosmetology High any good? The trailer looked decent especially for Yu Zheng standard dramas (I’m refusing to watch ROCH, even if Chen Xiao is in it)

        • Watch it! It’s very different from previous Yu Zheng dramas. Very few intrigue and mostly just humor. The only downside is that it’s a bit misogynistic.

          • Personally, I am loving that drama right now! It is really addicting to watch MRZZ every week :3 I think each of the individual stories are well written and the male lead is maturing as the story goes on. There are also a lot of plot twists (e.g. this week, loved the big revelation). Casting is nice, especially Yang Rong!

      • LOL….one would argue by watching the series that Zhu Yilong (Chi Rui) was the male lead, but it’s actually Purba. That Chi Rui was so yummy to watch on screen :)

        Read that there’s a special ending releasing Monday. Hopefully she ends up with Chi Rui!

  7. Old fans: Did anyone see the winter finale of Agents of SHIELD? Chloe Bennet (Wang)’s Skye is Quake! Does that mean she (and maybe the other Agents of SHIELD people) will be in the Inhumans movie?

    On a side note, I’m so glad she ditched the let’s-become-a-singer-in-China idea and started acting instead.

  8. So having watched the trailer for Nirvana in Fire, I decided to go and read the original book and it was actually really surprisingly good for an internet novel with a plot that made sense. Does anyone else have any good recommendations for similar novels?

    • Nope, but if anyone has recommendations, i would like them, as well!
      I’ve been reading a lot of sci-fi lately in anticipation for the upcoming sci-fi boom, though, and I recommend Liu Cixin and Han Song if you haven’t read them. Currently reading Ken Liu’s The Man Who Ended History and getting super depressed…

  9. Anyone read and finish The Three Body Problem by Liu Cixin? Now I really want to read the second one. ;3;

      • Yes, I am. It’s not bad, I enjoyed reading it. A little slow in the beginning, but it picks up later. A bit heavy on the scientific aspects, about the orbital mechanics, to virtual reality computer games. It’s kind of in the middle of being a hard and soft sci-fi.
        I would say that the story is very interesting, the characters are a little…bland. So far I really like the character Da Shi and Wang Miao grew on me a little bit.

        • How do you like the translation? I flipped through a friend’s copy of it, and noticed that it had a ton of footnotes, which tend to distract me a lot from the story.

          Yeah, there isn’t much character development, although I feel like based on the parts of book II I read, that gets better.

          • I like it! My Chinese is not very good, I’m still learning! Really? I actually like the footnotes. XDD
            I heard that a lot of people like the second and third one better. The second one being the best out of the three.

              • No, I haven’t. There are other works from other authors that I want to read but I don’t think any of them are available in English. There is one called 铁梨花 (Iron pear) I’m curious about the novel.

    • Yessss. We’re supposed to believe the Americans and Chinese join forces in their fight against a hacker. Here’s the trailer.
      I’m not complaining about being able to see WLH in cinemas in my country.

      In his video diary, WLH also had this interesting quote that “cliches are changing” concerning Asians (men mostly) in Hollywood.

        • It’s the second YouTube link I originally posted! :)

          I saw the movie btw and it’s blah but it was interesting to watch a Hollywood movie featuring so many Asian actors (even though still with a Caucasian lead) in prominent roles and they even spoke Mandarin/Cantonese/other languages in the movie.

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