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  1. Good news. Hunan TV and the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union have agreed to create a competitive song contest for all the Asia-Pacific region. The name of the contest would be “ABU TV Cup Song Contest”. I hope that China will participate in that event, sending a well known singer.
    It would be a very exciting event, because all the state broadcasters of every asian countries could participate.

    • It’s a pitty that china had withdrawn this year from the ABU TV Song Festival. I hope that this new competitive event by by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting union, China participates. Jason Zhang or Chris Li Yuchun, deserve to be selected for that contest.

  2. omg i just discovered that many users on this website used to be the users on youtube that used to upload chinese dramas before they were all deleted.

  3. Yang Yang confirmed as the male protagonist for the Three Lives movie with Liu Yi Fei. I know Ye Hua is meant to be young and I love Yang Yang but I still think he is a little to young and fresh for the role. Ye Hua is meant to be very boss like and I don’t think he can pull it off, I was hoping the rumour of Eddie Peng was real.

      • He’s the crown prince of the heavens. Think more along the lines of cool CEO who is quite powerful and isn’t warm to anyone except his son and the main female.

        • That’s kind of similar to the character Yang Yang played in Whirlwind Girl, which I think he pulled off pretty well. (Except his character there was not really rich or powerful.) I think as long as he’s styled appropriately, he should do okay.

          • I didn’t watch whirlwind girl so I’m not too sure. At the very least this movie will be visually appealing with all the eye candy in it (and apparently the team that were involved in making Avatar)

            • I didn’t watch Whirlwind Girl, neither, but I think he should be fine for this role. He actually plays a kind of similar character in the video game realm of the drama with Zheng Shuang, and Yehua character has a babyface anyways. Plus. He and Liu Yifei probably have the single most pretty face for a male and a female respectively for me, so…

              • Agreed the visual aspect will hopefully trump the fact that they have to fit the entire storyline into less than 3 hours.

                Also more importantly, who will play the most vital character in the book – Little sticky rice? I imagine if Yang Yang amd LYF ever did have a kid, the kid would be absolutely adorable and beautiful.

            • I’m sure Yang Yang and Liu Yifei’s faces will make me get through this movie. I really hope they get a good stylist and don’t try to go too Western on the outfits (cough, Ice Fantasy, cough).

  4. OMG The Disguiser is being subbed on VIki!!! Finally! i almost gave up the hope of English subtitle but now i just can’t wait for people’s comments on it !

  5. Man all the chinese students are really changing how my home towns china town looks. It used to be all cantonese. Then all vietnamese. Now a lot of sichuan and northern restaurants are popping up. Same thing for the new city I am in. Almost have an ok choice for hot pot.

  6. Hi, I heard about the upcoming movie 爵迹 LORD: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties, directed by Guo Jingming & was wondering what you all think of it? I know a lot of the Cfensi writers are Tiny Times fans..

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