692 thoughts on “Chatbox

  1. Could this song be the first for mainland China to tackle LGBTQ empowerment? This is also Vivi Jiang (Jiang Yingrong)’s comeback single entitled “Love Wins”. Comments and reactions please.

  2. Has anyone listened to M.I.C.’s Zhao Yongxin/Steelo’s solo album? It’s so good, but I didn’t even realize it was out until this weekend.

    • I think it’s kind of a cultural thing… I guess….The closest equivalent I can think of at the moment in the Western world would be the stereotype of gangsters naming themselves after some quality that they have or part of their history. I am assuming you are watching wuxia dramas but it’s kind of to provide an “underworld-ish” feel or more of a period “street” feel to the character I guess…

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