The Legend of Xiao Zhuang releases trailer

I get that you are running out of ideas on hairstyles but this is ridiculous.

The Legend of Xiao Zhuang has released a trailer and stills.  Starring Jing Tian, Geng Le, and Nie Yuan, let’s just say say that with the exception of Twilight of the Empire, it’s been a while since the outlook on upcoming Qing dynasty dramas has looked so bleak… and I am tired of overused plot devices… like doomed young love… and unreasonably feuding adults… and unexplained and persistent unconditional love…

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The Empress of China, available in full body!


Pop quiz: do you remember what this hair style is called?

After forced to watch bodiless ladies, you can now finally watch the original gorgeousness in full  because The Empress of China will be airing on TVB and CTV on March 30th.  TVB chose to PS an addition layer of cloth in front of boobs (because how can men control themselves when there are boobs), but CTV is airing it without any cuts!

To give you a refresher, here are a group of drawing of the show by @大葱君–.
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Confucius Dance Drama

No… I don’t drink coffee… but I do have to have a daily dose of period pretty or things do not go well…

Clips of the China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater’s production of Confucius has been released.  My favorites so far include Cai Wei (the lyrics are based on an ancient poem) and Incense.. Watch the whole thing here (can’t complain too much but hoping for a better quality release later).

It seems they may still be touring so maybe you will be lucky enough to catch a performance if they visit your city.  On the whole, there’s dance, music, pretty costumes, and bits people versed in Chinese history and literature will enjoy.  Something for everybody.

By the way, we don’t do posts like this often.  What do you think?  Should we continue if the opportunity presents itself?

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Chen Xiao to star in Twilight of the Empire

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 9.53.48 AM

Filmed in the Prince Gong Mansion itself, Chen Xiao’s first serious lead is looking amazing already.

Chen Xiao + director Hu Mei aka the master of bioepics like Yongzheng Dynasty + Prince Gong in the late Qing
=  Twilight of the Empire 帝国黄昏  aka  epicness in the making.

The series co-stars Chen Xiao’s college classmate Lin Peng  and is based on a non-fiction bibliography of the Prince.

For a glimpse of Prince Gong’s controversial  life, here is the New York Times report on his first international appearance, signing the unequal treaties after the burning of the Summer Palace and the fleeing of his brother the Emperor from Beijing.  Just thinking about the potential depth of this role makes me excited for Chen Xiao.

Prince KUNG is about 28, but looks older; his countenance is not devoid of intelligence, but there was an expression of anxious, nervous care, partly fear struggling with anger, no doubt at finding himself in a position so different from the one he had been accustomed to hold in the presence of the high officials of the Government; yet there was a curious mixture of familiarity and respect in the manner of the officers towards him.

The bioepic even had the promo MV is filmed in the Prince Gong Mansion itself!   It would be pretty awesome if the drama was partly filmed there, too.  Okay, enough talk, here’s the preview MV :

Wang Likun Dazzles as Daji

As similar as the costumes look to The Legend of Miyue, this is not Sun Li.

We’ve been in kind of a period drought but stills have been released for what looks like a less wacky take on Investiture of the Gods, this rendition simply titled The Gods.  This version stars Wang Likun as beauty-possessed-by-a-nine-tailed-thousand-year-old-fox-demoness-turned-country-wrecker Daji, Luo Jin as Yang Jian, Tang Yixin, Yu Hewei, and Zhang Bo. The drama is yet another weird Korean-Chinese historical drama collaboration with a Korean director.

More stills below the cut.

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“Legend of Zhen Huan” Lands on Netflix

Empresses in the Palace on Netflix

Netizens react to the series’s short running time: “Get rid of Consort Hua Fei in two episodes, get rid of the empress in two episodes, and then get rid of the emperor in two episodes.”

Despite previous reports that Legend of Zhen Huan (后宫·甄嬛传) would air on HBO for its American release, the series has actually been picked up by the on-demand media provider Netflix. It recently became available for streaming on Netflix’s website under the name Empresses in the Palace.

Originally 76 episodes long, Empresses has been shortened to six episodes, each with a running time of 90 minutes. Because the American release is so much shorter, some of the cast has seen their screen time all but disappear. The biggest victim is Chen Jianbin‘s Emperor Yongzheng, many of whose scenes were cut to make room for the doomed romance between Zhen Huan (Sun Li) and Prince Guo Jun (Li Dongxue).

The American release of Empresses has been in production for two years, with most of that time spent on the new soundtrack and on the English subtitles. On a random note of interest, Sun Li’s staff protested when Netflix originally posted the actress’s name as “Betty Sun,” saying that she has never used the English name “Betty” and that the website should have used “Li Sun” or “Susan Sun.” (Whoops, guess Wikipedia needs to be edited!)

As of publication, Empresses has a 3.6-star rating (out of 5) on Netflix, but director Zheng Xiaolong says he is not overly concerned with how the series fares in the United States. “The most important thing is that Americans have the opportunity to watch the series and at least have some understanding toward Chinese history and culture,” he stated.

Netflix is currently available in around 50 countries, not including mainland China. However, the company has expressed interest in expanding its market to China, which may be why it purchased the rights to Empresses.


Hugs and kisses of Love Across Time in gif form

Let’s face it. The only thing that holds this drama together is how cute these two are together.

A gif tour of all the love that is Zheng Shuang and Jing Boran  in   Love Across Time, presented to you by Fashion Bazaar.

The series ends this Sunday, but Zheng Shuang has been confirmed for season 2 of Divas on the Road 花儿与少年 , and Jing Boran is reported to be joining her. Continue reading

Chen Xiao: Perfect characters annoy me

Perfection is over-rated. This is why I rely on Yang Rong for everything.

Perfection is over-rated. This is why I rely on Yang Rong for everything.

Actor Chen Xiao talks about how he can’t help but add flaws to his characters in an interview with Men’s Uno.   He’s totally selling the acting-crazed but clueless-in-life personality for me.   Now I really want to watch him in  Love & Life & Lie 遇见爱情的利先生.

MU: Before, when mentioning Love & Life & Lie, you said you accepted this series because you don’t want to act in idol dramas after 30. Do you still feel so? 

Chen Xiao: Yes, that’s what I thought at the time. I’ve never filmed idol dramas before, and I felt like I should film one while young. …  However, after I received the first ten episodes I’ve changed my mind, because it doesn’t feel like an idol drama at all when I watched it.  My treatment of the character isn’t idol at all. I don’t know, when I see a character is too perfect, I get annoyed, so I always want to add some flaws to him when I’m working with him. Maybe it’s because I think if he’s too perfect, he’s not realistic enough. But a lot of girls nowadays seem to like perfect men when watching idol dramas, so I think if I have the opportunity, I want to film a real idol drama. I’m a bit conflicted, because I’m afraid when I do, I won’t be able to control myself and add things to his character again.


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“My Sunshine” unapologetically cheerful in character posters


“Sorry, I didn’t have an abortion. May 1st, return simplicity to love” – Yang Mi as the idealistic Zhao Mosheng

Unapologetic for the story’s simple and pure love story (I still don’t understand how the TV version managed to drag for 40+ episodes ) and poking fun at the recent surge in films about youth love stories that are a bit too similar,  the film version of Gu Man’s You Are My Sunshine 何以笙箫默 released its first set of stills this week.

The  Enlight film stars Yang Mi, Huang Xiaoming, Angelababy, Tong Dawei, Xie Yilin, and film debuts by EXO’s Huang Zitao and model He Sui. The film is set for a May 1st release.

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