Flowers Withering Flowers Flying Covering the Sky releases more

Ooooh.. the how-many-people-can-we-fit-into-one-image poster…

Flowers Withering Flowers Flying Covering the Sky 花谢花飞花满天 has released an avalanche of images so here we go.  Starring Peter HoZhang XinyuZhu YilongLi XinaiZhu ZixiaoYu XiaotongYu Qingbin, and Yang Jingru, people who liked this production can look forward to seeing more in the next couple weeks.

More below the cut.

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Bai Baihe goes on a desperate search for her daughter in upcoming thriller

The Missing 绑架者 stars Bai Baihe (I Belonged To You) as a police officer whose goes daughter goes missing. She homes in on the suspect, played by Stanley Huang (Somewhere Only We Know), only to discover that he had lost all his memories in a suspicious accident.

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Sinology Sunday: March 26, 2017

This week we move on from the Tang Dynasty and through the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period into the Song dynasty with Mr. Chen’s Chinese Photo Studio 陳先生的復古照相館.

Clothing from the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period for the most part seems to have been a bit of a transition between the Tang and Song Dynasties.  The Song Dynasty seems to be more of a conservative period (note the colors used for clothes) and is when the practice of Foot Binding became more popular.

This is probably reflected a bit in the clothes with the abandoning of wide and billowing sleeves from past periods since foot binding made walking less steady and the last thing you want is to be juggling huge sleeves if walking alone was a difficult.  The sway of the body created by foot binding was mimicked by the shoes worn Huapenxie 花盆鞋 or Matixie 馬蹄鞋 worn by Manchu women during the Qing Dynasty (See original Sinology Sunday post on this topic)

More pictures below the cut.

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The Legend of Zu 2 starts their own designer artifact store?

I don’t understand… why…

The Legend of Zu 2 蜀山战纪2踏火行歌 has decided to go on with the recent trend of releasing images of props.  Starring Yu Tinger, Chen Zheyuan, Liu Yitong, Nie Zihao, Huang Shichao, Liang Baoling, and Li Hao, some props are worth seeing if there were details being put into them but this…

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More posters for Fan Bingbing’s new historical drama

More character posters have been released for Fan Bingbing’s (I Am Not Madame Bovary) upcoming Mary Sue historical romance drama Win the World, which follows the life of Qin Dynasty entrepreneur Ba Qing and her relationship with Gao Yunxiang’s (Legend of Mi Yue) Ying Zheng and Yan Yikuan’s (Ice Fantasy) Crown Prince Ji Dan.

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Bai Yu, Zhu Yilong to star in web drama adaption of BL novel

The new supernatural show is titled Guardian 镇魂 and based on famous BL (boy love) author Priest’s novel of the same name. Bai Yu (Memory Lost) and Zhu Yilong (Border Town Prodigal) play male leads Zhao Yunlan and Shen Wei respectively, and the story will focus on their bromance friendship that transcends past and present lifetimes.

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