The Legend of Dugu continues stills run

I am glad to see that the sets are grand but not to the point of being ridiculous.

The Legend of Dugu 独孤天下 has continued to release stills and I have to say I am pretty pleased.  Starring Hu BingqingZhang DanfengAn YixuanLi YixiaoXu Zhengxi, and Ying Haoming, while I am still waiting on a couple more dramas that are supposed to start rolling, I am content looking at this for now.

More stills below the cut.

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New trailer for General and I

Let’s hope the January projection holds through.

General and I 孤芳不自賞 released these character posters a while ago and there’s a new trailer.  Starring Wallace Chung, Angelababy, Sun Yizhou, Gan Tingting, and Qi Hang, hopefully this lends more credibility to the January release date.  Either way, this drama has released quite a few stills lately so expect more in the near future.

More below the cut.

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Trailer for TLTWTMPB

It’s been a long wait for those waiting on new for Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms.  The drama starring Yang Mi, Mark Zhao, Yu Menglong, Ken Chang, Dilraba, Zhang Binbin, and Gao Weiguang has had a trailer leaked and I have finally been able to locate one of decent quality.

First stills for Sun Li’s Nothing Gold Can Stay

Stills have been released for the upcoming historical romance drama Nothing Gold Can Stay 那年花开月正圆 starring Sun Li (Legend of Mi Yue) as the richest female merchant of the Qing Dynasty and Chen Xiao (Three Heroes and Five Gallants) as her love interest.

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The Legend of Chusen II set for release

… and it’s officially that time a year where everything is getting a release date.

The Legend of Chusen II 青云志第二季 is preparing to come out on December 8th.  Starring Li Yifeng, Zhao Liying, Qin Junjie, Cheng Yi, and Yang Zi, more for those who enjoyed this series.

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Royal Highness stills again

Cheese! Another picture post!

Royal Highness 回到明朝当王爷之杨凌传 stills again today.  Starring Jiang JinfuYuan BingyanLiu RuilingLiu YanZhang SifanWang ZixuanWang Lidan, and Chen Haoyu, it’s nice to see more light-hearted dramas getting a boost in terms of budget.

More stills below the cut.

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A Tale of Two Phoenixes prepares for filming

A Tale of Two Phoenixes 凤囚凰 is preparing to start filming.  Based on the novel of the same name by Tianyi Youfeng 天衣有风 and produced by Yu Zheng. He has stated that Yang Rong and new actor Merxat will be playing the leads Chuyu and Rongzhi respectively, though knowing Yu Zheng, anything can change.

More character designs below the cut and (WARNING!) spoilers at the bottom of the post.

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Stills for The Advisor’s Alliance

After seeing stills like these, I come to appreciate the sheer variety of costuming styles that exist in China and how they grow side by side.

The Advisor’s Alliance 军师联盟 has released stills.  Starring Wu Xiubo, Li Chen, Liu Tao, Janine Chang, Tang Yixin, Zhang Zhixi, Di Tianlin, Yu Hewei, and Zhang He, I will admit I’m getting a bit impatient for a more official release date.

More stills below the cut.

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The Legend of Flying Daggers to be released

Hopefully more co-operations between production companies and video platforms means better drama productions and more of them.

The Legend of Flying Daggers is set to be released on December 5th.  Starring Hawick LauYang Rong, Wu YingjieHuang MingKenny Kwan, and Yuan Bingyan, those looking for a wuxia drama can give this a look.

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