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jjss08 joined Cfensi in 2011, and will stay with Cfensi until she finds a method of time-traveling other than drama-stalking. She has an unhealthy bias for ancient dramas and pretty people in pretty clothes.

Release dates for upcoming dramas

You’ll have more than the book to look at starting June 9- more than one drama has probably adjusted its release date to avoid competition with Hua Qiangu/Journey of Flower.

I’m sad that Nirvana in Heaven won’t come out for another 3 months (September 18th), but at least we have the official broadcast dates for these other dramas.

Cage of Love 抓制彩虹的男人: May 26
Starring Zheng Shuang and Hawick Lau

The Legend of Da Yu’er/Xiaozhuang 地玉儿传奇: June 6
Starring Jingtian, Geng Le, and Nie Yuan

The Journey of Four (Hua Qiangu) 花千骨: June 9
Starring Zhao Liying and Wallace Huo (+Jiang Xin!)

The Lost Tomb 盗墓笔记: Season 1, June 12
Featuring Li Yifeng, Yang Yang, Ken Chang 
Love & Life & Lie 遇见爱情的利先生: 6/27
Featuring Chen Xiao and Zhou Dongyu

Whirlwind Girl 族风少女l: 6/28
Featuring Chen Xiang, Bu Bingqing, Yang Yang

The Tune of Huaxu: City of Hopeless Love (Hua Xu Yin): July 10
     Featuring Jiang XIn, Yuan Hong, Li Yuan, Guo Zhenni, Kevin Cheng

Princess Jieyou 解忧公主: Sometime in August
     Featuring Zhang Xinyi, Yuanhong, Yuan Wenkang
New XIao Shiyi Lang 新潇十一郎: Sometimes in August
The God of War: Zhao Zilong 武神赵子龙: Sometime in August

Nivrana in Fire 狼牙榜: September 18
Featuring Hu Ge, Wang Kai, and Liu Tao 

The Legend of Miyue : December 8
Featuring Sun Li, Liu Tao, Jiang Xin, Huang Xuan


Tong Liya leads for upcoming drama “Love Without a Trace”

idarklight is getting her wish – Tong Liya will be taking on another costume drama this year. “Love Without a Trace 爱无痕” features Tong Liya and Yang Shuo as the leads in a Five Dynasties Ten Kingdoms-era romance, with a guest appearance from Tong Dawei, and actors like Peng Guanyin and Guan Yue in supporting roles. Look below the cut for more pictures!
Synopsis: It’s the end of the Tang dynasty, and the country is in chaos. It’s the time of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, and the warlords fight for the throne. Tang Xiaocheng, the young master of a wealthy family, wanted to create a dream-like paradise for the girl of his dreams, Shen Lianxing. He gave up business for warfare, becoming enveloped in political machinations, but who could have foretold that in winning “all under heaven,” he lost the heart of his lover? Lianxing is unable to understand his idea of “using battles to end battles”; meanwhile, his actions sowed enmity made an enemy of his good friend Zhang Junxiang…

Continue reading

Chen Xiao and Yuan Shanshan to star in new drama Love, Up in the Air

“Another point for heteronormativity! A fake gay lover is 100% the only way to ignore your wife! “

Source: Yu Zheng’s Weibo
I thought it couldn’t get any worse when Yu Zheng decided to make Lv Zhi and Xiang Yu lovers…but he continues to shock us all. No doubt inspired by Love Across Time, Yu Zheng is also putting together a “story within a story” drama (sans the time travel). Welcome to Love, Up in the Air 云巅之上, where Yuan Shanshan is an aspiring actress (Jian Xi) pitted against Chen Xiao’s cocky A-list celeb. (Oh yeah, she’s also looking for her birth mother in Beijing).

According to the synopsis, archaeologists find the grave of Dong Xian  in 2016, and within it, the truth behind Emperor Ai of Han’s “passion of the cut sleeve.” A famous director reads about the findings and decides to film a movie based off of this story, selecting the big name Tang Fei (Chen Xiao) and the new face Jian Xi (Yuan Shanshan) to play the lead roles. Tang Fei is a guy; Jian Xi is a girl – how do Dong Xian and our meta-story come in? Continue reading

Photoshoot Friday: April 17, 2014

 Yang Mi seems geared up for summer in her new photoshoot for Elle, but mostly, she seems ready to exercise. Zhang Xinyu, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to want to get out of bed. Zhao Wei and Xu Lu show off crisp blue backgrounds (though for separate photo shoots), and meanwhile, Liu Yuxin dresses in pastels and red lipstick. My personal favorite from this round up, though, would have to be Lu Yi’s stroll in the rain. Look below the cut for more pictures! Continue reading

Photoshoto Friday: Spotlight on Ni Ni

A photoshoot Friday that is on time?!
Ni Ni is so photogenic it almost hurts (#Cfensi, # Ni Ni, #Gorgeous + Beautiful). She and Angelababy will be co-starring in the Chinese remake of Bride Wars, which is supposed to be released on August 20, 2015.

Question: Do you think Ni Ni would look good in guzhuang (ancient styled dress/hanfu)? We already know she stuns in cheongsam/qipao (both traditional and modernized), but how would she look in other period dresses?  Continue reading

Liu Yifei for Bazaar

Liu Yifei reminds you that she was once Xiaolongnv – look at the all white dress!


Liu Yifei has the same expression in three out of the five photos here, but she still looks fairly young, so I think she’ll be able to get by playing emotionless flower vases for a while yet. She’ll be playing a lawyer in her upcoming film The Third Type of Love (adapted from a novel of the same name, following a television adaptation that starred Zhang Xinyu). Look for more gorgeous pictures under the cut – the flowers definitely evoke spring! Continue reading