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The Disguiser releases stills of Hu Ge, Jin Dong, Wang Kai

If you have seen this show and did not fall in love with Jin Dong’s character, I will offer myself to let him shoot me. Actually, I’ll gladly have him shoot me anytime.

In the cutest family of double and triple agents, the Ming family must guard against each other while trying to protect each other at the same time. Even in their own home, each of the Ming family members must put on multiple disguises to hide their true identities.

Remaining funny and heart-warming while being fast-paced and intense,   The Disguiser 伪装者 is the best drama of the year for me so far.  This show is definitely a must even for those who avoids Republican-era shows at all costs (i.e. me) for their darkness and political overtones. With amazing acting (from some) and great character profiles, even the antagonists are clever, multi-dimensional, and worth-loving.

Call me maybe? cr: Weibo

Call me maybe?                               cr: Weibo

Added to that is one of the most perfect character duos in a drama ever, Ming Lou (Jin Dong) and Ming Cheng (Wang Kai) .  The pair of triple agents got the looks, the style, the wisdom, the humor, and hearts of gold.  Despite my fondness for Hu Ge,  who heads the other plotline of the drama,  Jin Dong and Wang Kai’s plot provides so much contrast in the level of writing and acting.  Not a word of dialogue is wasted in their plotline, and a lot of their scenes consists of them just looking at each other, but  so many layers of emotion that comes through the screen that they really hit you. Their voice acting is so good that even the Peking Opera part in the show are voiced by the two themselves.

Publishing this post that jjss08 drafted in June but never got around to translating the plot since I still can’t find the words to express how awesome it is. (Seriously, I have almost 2000 words written on this show that will probably never be published) -idarklight

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Zhao Wei and Xu Zheng promote new movie Lost in Hong Kong with Elle Photoshoot

Zhao Wei’s outfit in this photo shoot makes me think of the granny from Twenty Again. She’s co-starring with Xu Zheng in the upcoming film Lost in Hong Kong (which is also being directed by Xu Zheng).In this story, Xu Zheng’s character once dreamed of being an artist, but is now a middle-aged petty merchant. He and his wife go to Hong Kong to vacation – although Xu Zheng’s real motive is to meet up with his college love. Unfortunately, his wife’s little sister (Zhao Wei) senses his hidden intentions, and refuses to let him go…  Continue reading

Air date update: August 2015

More excited for Hu Ge’s drama next month, but ah well…

The following dramas are supposed to come out sometime in August:
01.解忧公主(2015年08月) Princess Jieyou (Zhang Xinyi, Yuanhong) 
02.新萧十一郎(2015年08月) New Xiao Shiyi Lang (Yan Kuan, Gan Tingting)
03.武神赵子龙(2015年08月) God of War: Zhao Zilong (Lin Gengxin, Yuna)
04.心香女人(2015年08月) Women of Heart’s Fragrance (Han Dong, Jiang Kaitong)
05.调皮王妃(2015年08月) The Mischievous Princess
06.女子日记之做决定事务所(2015年08月) A Girl’s Diary: Things (I’m) Determined to Do

07.裸嫁时代(2015/8/2) Because of Love (Wang Lei, Cao Xiwen)
08.我的铁血金戈梦(2015/8/3) My Dream of Iron Blood, Gold Ge
09.暗黑者2(2015/8/3) Death Notify, The Darker Season 2 (this was supposed to come out in July)
10.枪火英雄(2015/8/3) Heroes Among Gunfire
11.迫在眉睫(2015/8/4) Imminent (Gillian Chung, Baron Chen)
12.太行山上(2015/8/4) On Mount Taixing (Tang Guoqiang)
13.秀才遇到兵(2015/8/5) The Genius Meets the Soldiers (Li Chen, Ma Su)
14.我的绝密生涯(2015/8/9) My Sweet (and Sexy?) Career
15.神犬小七(2015/8/9) The Divine Dog Xiao Qi (Hayden Bea/Kuo Beating, Jin Shijia)
16.校花的贴身高手(2015/8/10) An Expert by the Side of the School Beauty
17.拆局专家(2015/8/10) An Expert at Breaking Ruses
19.我的媳妇是女王(2015/8/11) My Wife is a Queen (Huo Siyan)
20.狐影(2015/8/12) Fox Shadow
21.野山鹰(2015/8/14) The Eagle Corps
22.二胎时代(2015/8/14) The Era of the Second Child
23.最佳恋人/最佳前男友(2015/8/15) The Perfect Lover/The Perfect Ex-Boyfriend
24.激战(2015/8/20) Fighting
25.黄河在咆哮(2015/8/21) There Are Bombs Sounding by the Yellow River
26.铁在烧(2015/8/26) Burning Iron (Wang Lei, Liu Tao)
27.毕业歌(2015/8/26) A Song of Graduation (Fu Xinbo, LI Xiaozai)
28.伪装者(2015/8/27) The Disguiser (Hu Ge)

Shu Qi stars as female knight-errant in upcoming movie The Assassin

Upcoming film The Assassin (Nie Yingniang) 刺客聂隐娘 , starring Shu Qi and Chang Chen, has recently released a trailer. The film is directed by Hou Xiaoxian, and is based off a story from the Tang dynasty.
Nie Yingniang (literally, “Hidden Lady”) was the daughter of a great general, who was taken away by a Daoist nun when she was ten years old. She is trained to become a peerless assassin, and returns home thirteen years later – but this time, her master has instructed her to kill her (second) cousin Tian Ji’an (Chang Chen)… Continue reading

Photoshoot Friday: July 31, 2015

Shu Qi rocks such an amazing “nv xia” (female knight-errant, female paladin) look in this new photo shoot for Bazaar – must have something to with her upcoming movie The Assassin (Nie Ying Niang – she plays the titular character). Bai Baihe chills at the beach, while Zhang Ziyi wears brightly colored furs. Fan Bingbing stuns a her self for Self magazine. Look below the cut for more pictures.  Continue reading

Posters of Zhao Liying and Kimi Qiao Renliang released for Our Ten Years

Remember this photoshoot, where Zhao Liying sported the short bob and Kimi Qiao taunted Chen Xiao? The two will be starring in the upcoming movie Days of Our Own 我们的十年. The movie is supposed to tell of the best ten years of a person’s life – you have the “poser” played by Zhao Liying and the “engineer boy” (or rather, STEM major) played by Kimi Qiao Renliang, together with the “piano goddess” (Wu Yingjie) and a “career man” (Van Fan). A toast to another youth story!

The film will be released on September 2. A short trailer, and more stills underneath the cut.
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The many faces of Yang Guifei

This post may be an excuse to post this picture – another one of the promo photos that Sun Jun took for Lady of the Dynasty.

Xi Shi of the Spring and Autumn period, Wang Zhaojun of the Han dynasty, Diao Chan of the Three Kingdoms era, and Yang Guifei of the Tang dynasty are considered the Four Great Beauties of China. Of these four, Yang Guifei is famed for being quite plump. If we skip all the actresses (and actors) who played her in the iconic opera Gui Fei intoxicated, we’re still looking at some ten different renditions of her character.

The historical Yang Yuhuan (Yuhuan being “Jade Ring”) was born during the Tang dynasty, and was initially married to a Tang dynasty prince. Coincidentally, this prince’s mother had once been a highly favored consort of Tang Xuanzong, and was unable to become empress because she was from the Wu clan, and the Tang court was still shaken from the memory of Wu Zetian’s rule. Tang Xuanzong became enamored of the beautiful Yang Yuhuan, and sent her to a Taoist nunnery so he could marry her instead. Thus, she became Yang Guifei (where Guifei is a title, the highest rank a consort of the Tang dynasty could be without actualy being the empress).  When the An Lushan rebellion broke out, she and the emperor fled, but the soldiers blamed her for the chaos, and she died. Xuanzong later abdicated from the throne.

Which actress do you feel portrayed the famous beauty the best?
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Zhang Xinyu and Zhu Yilong star in Border Town Prodigal

Zhu Yilong is finally on the better end of a love triangle!

I’ve had a soft spot for Zhu Yilong ever since he wooed Yang Rong in Love for Three Lifetimes, and now he’s starring with Zhang Xinyu in upcoming drama 边城浪子 (Border Town Prodigal).

The leader of the Divine Knife sect, Bai Tianyu, was mysteriously ambushed and killed in the border town Plum Nunnery.  Twenty years later, Fu Hongxue (Zhu Yilong), leaves the western regions and returned to the central plains (China) in order to investigate his adopted father’s death. At the same time, Bai Tianyu and Hua Baifeng’s biological son, Ye Kai (Ye Qingbin), also left for the border town. The two find that it was Bai Tianyu’s sworn brother, Ma Kongqun (Qiu Xinzhi), who organized the assassination. (As luck would have it), Ma Kongqun’s beautiful daughter, Ma Suling (Zhang Xinyu) falls for Fu Hongxue, while Ye Kai falls for her…together, they will face Ma Kongqun. Look under the cut for more stills.

Other members of the cast include Chai Biyun, Vincent Jiao Enjun, Gong Mi, and Zhang Junning.

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Music videos for Nirvana in Heaven are as gorgeous as the rest of it

In which everyone is obsessed with Hu Ge, and for good reason.

I think that there’s no drama I’m looking forward to more than Nirvana in Fire – Hua Xu Yin, this is how you tastefully add fur to your costumes (it’s Hu Ge who wears the fur, not the other way around!) There’s such a quiet elegance to all of the costumes and the gorgeous filming. It helps, too, that the cast (Hu Ge, Wang Kai, Liu Tao) are amazing, and Hu Ge fits perfectly into his role as a calculating strategist with a major vendetta (and uh, gorgeous face).

Hu Ge is set to sing the (as of now) unreleased theme song, while Wang Kai (Blood, Eternally Crimson 赤血长殷)and Liu Tao (Beauty Bygone 红颜旧)  have both contributed an insert song.  They’re absolutely gorgeous. The drama will be released on September 18th. 

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