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Wang Kai, Joe Chen, Joe Cheng, Bosco Wong hit the runway for new fashion drama


If we  replace Joe Cheng with someone from Macau, we would get a happy Greater China family.

  1. Joe Chen and Joe Cheng are finally collaborating! Cfensi gold stars for every time you catch us mixing their names.
  2. Leave Me, Catch Me 放弃我抓紧我 features Joe Chen as a fashion designer who all of a sudden lost her memories after the age of 23, is now engaged  a man who she doesn’t know, and competitors with the man who she thought was her boyfriend.  Can she rebuild her life and find her lost dreams?  The male cast includes Wang Kai, Bosco Wong, and Joe Cheng.
  3. Filming begins next month in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Milan, and Paris.  OMG Wang Kai in Paris in those gorgeous winter coats!  I’m going to be thinking about Ming Cheng’s college days during all those scenes.  Can we please have a scene where the girl leaves him so he runs out and then kneels in the snow while wearing only a white shirt?  I’m probably expecting too much …
  4. The drama has already been picked up by Sohu, so we won’t have to worry about death-in-the-storage-room .  The drama is produced by Tonghua (BuBuJingxin, Cloud Song, Desert Melody) of Dream Stardom  (Perfect Couple, Destined to Love You )   Continue reading

Ma Tianyu plays baby Jin Dong in grave-robbing drama

4997e7f3jw1ew4bejx6vtj20yd1p3kjl eFk3azdqMTI1STM4Y09yam9xbmFRbHhKMUIzd3pUSzI4SUsrR2tsUHhCc0grUElVSjI4Zmh3PT0Chen Kun, Mark Zhao, Jin Dong, and Ma Tianyu.  Hu Bayi must be the best-looking grave-robber alive.

So much must’ve happened for the happy-go-lucky Ma Tianyu to grow up to be the equally pretty but much more somber Jin Dong in the drama version of grave-robbing series The Ghouls 鬼吹灯. That, and a lot of acting school.   Chen Qiao’en plays the female lead (previously portrayed by Yao Chen and Shu Qi).   The drama is set to begin filming next March. No information on which books it  will cover, nor whether the main character will be changed into a decent person as in the drama version of The Lost Tomb.  Come on,  Jin Dong, you just produced a drama about protecting cultural artifacts, you can turn this drama around, right?

source: Weibo

Dong Jie, Han Dong star in Shandong’s latest Republican drama

Can you find the anachronistic mistake in the book?

Can you find the anachronism in this photo of Han Dong?

Hu Ge and Wallace Huo aren’t the only idol actors tapped by Shandong Film and TV Group for their entrance into the new world of popular drama.   Han Dong and Dong Jie star in the latest production from the company,  Republican-era drama  Nanking Love Story 南京爱情故事.  Dong Jie plays a singer who uses her voice to fight for the silenced city, while Han Dong plays her love out-of-arranged-marriage who appears to join the army based on the stills.

Scriptwriter Zhao Dongling has had a good track record, but Nanjing in the late 1930’s is one of the hardest and most touchy time periods to depict on the screen,  and so far there have been no successes, so we’ll see how it turns out. As for yours truly, I’ve already cried twice just in the process of writing this  post alone while thinking about the Rape of Nanking, which I’m not even sure this drama covers.

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Yang Mi, Li Yifeng Fall in Love Like a Star


Qingxue has finally found her Tusu again!

Yang Mi and Li Yifeng fall in love again in Tony Chan’s Fall in Love Like a Star 怦然星动.  If somewhat unconvincingly given her gorgeousness, Yang Mi plays the “plain” agent who falls in love with her client, the famous star played by Li Yifeng. The film  co-stars Dilireba, Zhang Yunlong, Chen Shu, and Wang Yaoqing. See a second trailer here.

Perfect for fulfilling the fangirl(or boy)’s fantasies of falling in love with their favorite star, celebrity romances seem to be  a popular theme lately.  In addition to this film, there are also two upcoming dramas (Above the Clouds with Chen Xiao and Yuan Shanshan, Rebirth of a Star 重生之名流巨星 with Ma Ke and Zhang Xinyu).

By the way, Yang Mi and Lu Han’s The Witness is currently airing in North America and Europe. Catch it if you can! Both films are produced by Yang Mi’s own workshop.

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Chen Xiao, Yuan Shanshan crossdress for Above The Clouds


I want to melt in Chen Xiao’s eyes.

These stills of Chen Xiao and Yuan Shanshan in white for upcoming drama Above the Clouds are photoshoot-worthy. The pair looks so much in love, and the choice of Yuan Shanshan painting Chen Xiao’s eyebrows is especially a genius move.

The stills portray a show-in-a-show-in-a-show , where  Chen Xiao plays a modern-day actor playing an Republican era opera actor playing Consort Yuji to Yuan Shanshan’s actress playing an opera actor playing the warlord Xiang Yu.


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Chen Xuedong, Zhang Yixing has an alien baby in “Oh My God”


Showing you that married life is truly a prison.

OMG, a baby that fell from the sky?  Chen Xuedong, Zhang YIxing, Li Xiaolu, and Jiang Wen  star in a rare sci-fi comedy Oh My God 从天儿降. This first film from seasoned film editor Wei Nan is produced by Zhang Ziyi  with Guo Jingming as the art director. It’s set for a December release.

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Ice Fantasy wishes you a Happy Halloween


Ice Fantasy, aka the prettiest LOTR cosplayers ever.

As your resident everything-from-Guo-Jingming-is-so-pretty  parrot, I must say  the costumes for both Ice Fantasy and L.O.R.D.  disappointed me.   Ice Fantasy is completely white washed and has no trace of the Chinese mythology components left, but at least its not plain fugly like that of the more traditionally Western fantasy L.O.R.D.

Nevertheless, at least the cast of Ice fantasy, consisting of Feng Shaofeng, Ma Tianyu (who play brothers of many lifetimes), Victoria Song Qian, Xu Jiao, Zhang Meng, and Wang Duo look pretty.  I just hope  they don’t try too hard to erase the fact that this was written as a bromance novel (cough, Nirvana in Fire). Also,  I understand the white hair is a major symbol in the story, but I really don’t understand why the two leads need to be blue-eyed. I’m judging Feng Shaofeng so hard right now for agreeing to do this. He should be a better actor than one who acts with colored contacts.


White, braided wig, blue eyes. a crown with a giant plastic snowflake, a scepter with skulls, Feng Shaofeng doesn’t need a costume for Halloween anymore.

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