BOBO Teaches In Remote Village School; Li Bingbing goes to Copenhagen

As part of the Music Ai de 5003 project (which Top Combine and other performed for) Bobo went to a mountainous unprivileged school, bringing with them  school supplies. They acted as teachers, teaching the children songs, participating in their PE sessions, and went to the homes to get a better understanding of the conditions. They are one of many artists who have contributed in charity recently, but we could never post on them all, so this will have to be the representative of all those efforts.

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Xue Zhiqian Reveals New Song For…Chinese Chess? + Other Performances

Xue Zhiqian sang his new song, “Chu He Han Jie” (not on his recently released compilation album) , which apparently is the themesong to… the end of the year Chinese Chess tournament in Shanghai.  Poor Xue Zhiqian. Why does Universal suck so much at finding promotional opportunities for you? Composed by Xue Zhiqian, and lyrics cowritten by him and the charmain of the chess organization. I really hope Xue Zhiqian goes back and edits the song, because his lyrics are usually better.

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Film Composer San Bao Comes Back After Two Years to the Stage

This is perhaps an article where few others would care, but I couldn’t let this pass under the radar. Composer San Bao two years ago fell seriously ill. Since then, he’s been inactive, regaining his health, but it’s been announced that he was planning on making a return to the art scene, by staging a symphonic concert at Henan. San Bao is known for scoring Zhang Yimou’s Not One Less and The Road Home as well as several theme songs, including Jin Fen Shi Jia‘s An Xiang.

Some San Bao: Music from the Road Home (in the form of a ZZY montage bc it was the only thing I found on youtube – sorry!)

I always thought it was such a shame that he had health problems right at the cusp of China’s film boom. Because tv and film composers develop later than the film industry, China’s in a desperate  need for composers. He says he will concentrate on musical theater now, and does not plan to write for tv or film anymore, but I hope he reconsiders . Overall, I’m just excited he’s back.


Song Xiaobo Opens Photography Studio and Releases Photobook

A commenter recently requested us to give more updates on some specific guys in Chinese entertainment. Due to personal time constraints, we usually post on the bare bones basics in Chinese entertainment, like new releases, etc, that other site haven’t got to. But since she’s been pretty active on this site, we decided we would post on one of her requests.

Song Xiaobo was runner-up of the 2006 My Hero contest, which allows companies to sign talent afterward. He was deaf and mute, and thus, had more limited options in entertainment, but he’s been keeping very busy with acting and most recently, he opened a studio with friends. The first model he invited was Luo Jing, top 30 contestant of Jia You!Dragon Angels, the female version of My Hero.

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Singer-Songwriter Release News

Acoustic Peng Tan!

While some of my favorite idols/actors/etc  have been releasing,  there’s an interesting mix of other news about singersongwriters aka really artists I like or respect but have a hard time making a full post on because it’s harder to find their songs/vids for recently releases on youtube.

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Top Combine and Yu Haoming’s New MVs

Yu Haoming – I’m Not That Hot MV (the new and improved version where he plays an assassin, and Liu Xijun plays his love interest)

Thanks to  urasiansourceCpop @ty for being crazy fast with this. I don’t know why eeMedia released all their MVs at the same time, but I guess they did.

Top Combine’s below the cut because it’s uh…needs to be taken in slowly.

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Kimi’s MV for Window of Dreams

I wasn’t whether I should wait for Kimi’s other two MVs to post  but I decided to anyway because thematically, this MV is different from the others. This one reflects Kimi’s deal with promoting Windows 7 in the China market, which might give some knee-jerk reaction, but commercialism is rather embedded in Asian pop culture, even for rock bands (see Mayday’s Fang Si). It also got Kimi appearances on Hunan TV, promotion he needs because Chengtian reportedly spent a ton on perfecting the album.

Mini Pic-spam below of Kimi from his release because he has such pretty Chinese Opera-like features that always makes me stare.

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“The Myth” Drama Version Theme Songs

A while back it was announced that Jackie Chan was producing a drama version of his movie The Myth, and picked Hu Ge to play his part. Hu Ge’s probably sick of ancient dramas at this point, but it’s hard to say no to a Jackie Chan offer (just ask Wang Leehom!). Bai Bing takes over the main female character in the drama, and together she and Hu Ge continue the tradition of singing the lovely themesong. over again.

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eeMedia Family’s Winter MV

The thrice previously posted on eeMedia MV for their 2010 theme Kuai Le Chu Fa – has been released!  It was composed by Top Combine’s Ma Xueyang, which I imagine is cheaper for eeMedia than last year, where they hired Da Zhang Wei (the flowers) to compose, and frankly I like Ma’s better. It suits its purpose – it makes you want to start bouncing around while you put up holiday decorations.

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