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Site mascot: Gao Xiaochen

CFensi was a site started by Cfensi to help her with her Chinese, one that then evolved into a general news blog on Chinese entertainment. At the time, it was likely the only news blog focused on Chinese entertainment, particularly mainland Chinese entertainment. Since then, the news team has grown to include Benji, emsterz, idarklight, jjss08, Jo, 0kuo0, and SJZGloria.

Our goal with CFensi is to provide an English-language platform for discussion of Chinese entertainment, which encompasses film, dramas, TV shows, music, and then some. We try our best to cover what we think our visitors will be interested in, though we obviously all have our own biases to whom we give preferential treatment.

If you’d like to contact any of the writers, simply leave a comment on the latest news post or on the Chatbox and we’ll try our best to get back to you in a timely manner.

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83 thoughts on “About CFensi

  1. I like this blog… I’m interested in Chinese entertainment too but am too lazy to go read Chinese websites (which are sometimes inaccurate and require reading Chinese chars) and I look for general coverage instead of information on specific artists, so this blog’s awesome for my desires.

  2. hey i was wondering how much you actually know about kpop? Cause it seems you have had knowledge of it for a long time and i are still following it?

  3. I know quite a bit – I think Kpop’s pretty fascinating and easy to follow because like Chinese entertainment, it’s developing. It hasn’t settled down. There’s a rawness and progression there that you don’t see with Japanese and American music.

    So the industry like the Chinese music industry is interesting because it’s evolving. There’s plenty of potential there, potential that I was captivated by back in mid-2000sish. But I’ve been disappointed with the direction it turned in the past five years or so I don’t follow it so much.

    Now I kind it follow it because the Kpop companies really go after the Chinese market so it’s impossible to avoid, and I like to catch up on some singers that I liked before.

  4. Oh okay.. just wanted to make sure cause some people look at it and make assumptions…like thinking its always been run by idol groups and that it only has pop/hiphop

    they dont realize that just two years ago singing groups like sgwanabe won main prizes and how groups like leessang are still successful

  5. I’ve been lurking this site for quite a while now, so this post is extremely overdue (which is why it’s so long). I just want to thank you guys for this site. I am Chinese, born in China but spent my whole life in the USA and Canada. To this day, when someone asks “Where are you from?”, I instinctively say “China”– despite the fact that I’ve spent 1/17 years there. I’ve always been proud of being Chinese but, at times, it seems that no one else shares this pride and that my feelings of patriotism are something that I have to stifle. Looking around as a kid, the only source of information I had on China and its culture was the Western media; articles from places like Time Magazine completely skewed my perception of the nation I had always been so eager to call home. It almost seems like there’s anti-Chinese propaganda EVERYWHERE (particularly concerning Tibet and pre-Olympics); “news”, internet, people around me. It hurts and angers me that some people can be so ignorant. And that’s why I love this site so much. I feel it is very informative and appreciate the deep and knowledgable discussions that take place (RE: Idol Girls, Meteor Shower). I think what sets you guys apart from other music/entertainment blogs (and what I like the most) is that there is thought and truth behind your posts– it’s not just mindless bashing of culture you don’t understand (as at allkpop etc.)

    I didn’t really mean to tell you my life story but I really do want to convey my feelings of appreciation for and [silent] belonging to the entire Cfensi community. While I don’t usually have time to respond to postings, I almost always read them. Thank you so much and keep up the fantastic work!

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  7. This is the type of site/blog that I imagined starting myself. There is simply too little on Mainland media/entertainment in English. And of course, glad to know there are other fanatics out there; we have a long way to go in the English subbing department compared to Taiwan and Hong Kong series. Very few good series from Mainland gets past me, so I’ll likely be contributing to this site. Arrows on the Bowstring (箭在弦上) is what brought me here. I am shocked how little press this incredibly well-filmed series has received.

  8. I just discovered your blog and I’m really excited to continue reading it!
    I agree! Mainland Dramas are under-rated and deserve some recognition!

  9. I have been unsuccessful in finding a website that writes all about Mainland Entertainment until now! This is the site for me, thank you lots for keeping everything current :)

  10. @idarklight: Apologies if I approach idarklight for a question but I notices a number of drama blogs are written by idarklight. Just a curious question. I enjoy watch Samuel Chan dramas. Not the latest Myth(Badly written drama) but the Beauties collections. I notice there is not many promotions on these dramas. In fact, not everyone knows about Beauties at Crossfires. Is it because the production company that product the drama is not high profile? Does Samuel not belong to a high profile production company? He is popular in China but not in the same rank as Wallace and Nicky Wu.

  11. I am writing from London, a Singaporean Chinese lawyer, who read an MA at School of Oriental and African Studies where I did a minor in East Asian films.. I am now retired but continue to be interested in how film,media, and entertainment continue to develop in Asia, in particular China. I watch soap operas from Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan to keep my language skills , since I read my MA in Chinese and Japanese.
    Like your news blog and would like to see it become more serious, for e.g. Have you thought about a review section where film addicts, critics could discuss and share more serious views on Asian, Chinese productions? This is a great English platform whereby foreign audiences especially in the West could enjoy and share their views . A platform that could lead the way to showcase Chinese productions, hopefully provide invaluable feed back to film makers, actors and those in the entertainment business. A networking platform for those who like to link up and connect and share creative ideas ?

    Bonnie from London

    • Hi Bonnie

      Thanks for the suggestion; this mini-social network sounds like an interesting idea! We’re definitely looking into developing Cfensi into something bigger and better.
      Film reviews are something a lot of readers would be interested in. If you’d like to kick us off and write that first review for Cfensi, drop us an email: cfensi(at)gmail(dot)com
      Or if you can help us out in any other way, perhaps with your skills, resources, or expertise, that would be great too. And if you have any other ideas, just let us know!
      Hope to hear from your soon!


  12. This is really a cool place. I am surprised by Chinese fans doing this. The study of Chinese fans is definitely underestimated by academia, I am thinking conducting a research in this area because Chinese fans and Chinese TV program need an attention

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