Yang Zi, Ren Jialun, Mao Zijun in Legend of the White Snake remake

There have been at least a dozen remakes or spin-offs of the popular legend over the years, and this latest one has taken on the title of Heaven’s Prophecy: Legend of the White Snake 天乩之白蛇传说 (there’s only so many combinations you can use).

Yang Zi (Noble Aspirations) plays Bai Yaoyao, the titular white snake who hopes to become a deity after a thousand years of cultivation. Ren Jialun (The Glory of Tang Dynasty) plays Xu Xuan / Xu Xian, young master of a medicine valley who meets and falls in love with the snake spirit. In this adaption, Bai Yaoyao will have a more innocent and lively personality, while Xu Xuan will be less naïve and gullible.  A more detailed summary of the original folktale can be found here.

Mao Zijun (The Glory of Tang Dynasty) plays Qi Xiao / Fa Hai, who reportedly only becomes a monk at the conclusion of the drama – I won’t be surprised if he gets involved in a love triangle with the main couple. There will also be a new antagonist in the form of Xu Xuan’s jealous disciple sister, who wreaks havoc on the human world by freeing a mythological dragon from its dungeon.

The 50 episode drama is produced by H&R Century Pictures (Noble Aspirations, The Glory of Tang Dynasty) and written by Han Peizhen (The Bride With White Hair, Incisive Great Teacher).




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