Character posters for The Fated General

Here are the official posters for The Fated General, which stars Zhang Ruoyun (Dr. Qin Medical Examiner) as the talented military commander Huo Qubing and Mao Xiaotong (The Princess Weiyoung) as his female confidante.

The show aims to be a ‘proper’ historical drama that chronicles Huo Qubing’s life from his humble beginnings as an illegitimate son born of a lowly maid, to his military victories as young general of the Han Dynasty and ending with his untimely death at the age of 23.

Mao Xiaotong plays Zhen’e, maid to Chen Zihan’s Wei Zifu who then becomes a female general under Huo Qubing. Bai Yu (Lost Memory) plays Xiongnu’s Boli and Yu Menglong (Love Studio) plays Li Gan, both archenemies of Huo Qubing.

Costars include Xu Yue (When A Snail Falls in Love) as Liu Heng, Li Hongyi (Yesterday Once More)Kang Jie and Wu Chengxuan (The Black Fox) as Huo Qubing’s loyal subordinates, Chai Wei (Go Princess Go) as Fanggu, Pan Taiming (Dating Hunter) as Wei Qing and Huang Weide (Nirvana in Fire) as Emperor Wu.

The 70 episode drama is directed by Zhang Jian (New Snow Leopard) and written by Wen Haojie (The Ordinary World).


3 thoughts on “Character posters for The Fated General

    • This drama is under intense scrutiny by history fans and busybody netizens – they’ll go berserk if a patriotic general who was supposed to die at 23 lives happily ever after with his lady love (aka the way Ballad of the Desert turned out) :p.

      • There was even investment in the construction of a “park” to house the structures/buildings of the ancient capital city of Chang’an to be used in the drama.

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