The cast of Wind Blows in Changlin get into character


Here’s a comment I wholly agree with: “Please bring back your acting skills from Emperor of Han Dynasty!”

Official character posters have been released for The Wind Blows in Changlin, spin-off to hit 2015 drama Nirvana in Fire.

Huang Xiaoming (Mission Milano) and Liu Haoran (Detective Chinatown) star as a pair of brothers and sons of Tingsheng (Sun Chun), and their love interests are played by Tong Liya (Run for Love) and Zhang Huiwen (Coming Home) respectively.

Wu Haochen (Ode to Joy) and Guo Jingfei (Happy Mitan) play the main antagonists of the show, who will collude with the powerful Xun family led by Mei Ting (Romance of our Parents), Zhang Bo (The Waves) and Bi Yanjun (All Quiet in Peking) to further their own selfish desires and weaken the Liang Dynasty in the process.

Contrary to earlier reports that put the episode count as 30, the latest summary submitted to SAPPRFT suggests the drama has been extended to 48 episodes. Hai Yan isn’t a particularly strong screenwriter, though I’m optimistic that Kong Sheng’s directing will be able to cover some of the weaknesses in the story.

The Wind Blows in Changlin will be released on streaming website iQiyi sometime next year before being broadcast on Dragon TV and Beijing TV.



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