First stills for Sun Li’s Nothing Gold Can Stay

Stills have been released for the upcoming historical romance drama Nothing Gold Can Stay 那年花开月正圆 starring Sun Li (Legend of Mi Yue) as the richest female merchant of the Qing Dynasty and Chen Xiao (Three Heroes and Five Gallants) as her love interest.

Sun Li plays Zhou Ying, a budding businesswoman who initially marries into the Wu Family to ward off bad luck. After her husband dies, she takes on his responsibilities and starts rebuilding their business empire from scratch.

Chen Xiao plays Shen Xingyi, a happy-go-lucky young sir who has never known hardship in his life. After meeting Zhou Ying, he eventually decides to change his ways and becomes a mature noble who is willing to protect his country and family from disaster.

Also featured in the stills below are Ren Zhong (Dare to Love) as the upright county magistrate, Myolie Wu (Every Step You Take) as the talented and virtuous young lady of the Zhou Family and Yu Haoming (Happy Mitan) as one of the local gentry. The supporting cast also includes Peter Ho (Sword Master) as Zhou Ying’s husband Wu Ping and Niki Chow (The Virtuous Queen of Han) as a “charming young lady” known only as Qian Hong.

Nothing Gold Can Stay has confirmed a 2017 broadcast on Dragon TV and Jiangsu TV.


One thought on “First stills for Sun Li’s Nothing Gold Can Stay

  1. oh damn, can’t wait to see this plus so glad that it’s a drama that way we get more scenes of sun li and chen xiao :)

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