Ni Ni is Suddenly Seventeen in upcoming rom-com movie

Suddenly Seventeen 28岁未成年 has released a final trailer and promotional theme song ahead of its premiere on December 2nd.

Ni Ni stars as Liang Xia, a 28 year old woman who only dreams of marrying her boyfriend of ten years Mao Liang (Wallace Huo). However, Mao Liang is preoccupied with company matters, and couldn’t care less about marriage. Unfortunately Liang Xia’s surprise proposal to Mao Liang at her best friend’s (Ma Su) wedding fails, and Mao Liang walks out on her after a decade long relationship.

Humiliated and inconsolable, Liang Xia takes a bite from a magical chocolate, and discovers her twenty something body is now controlled by her seventeen year old mind. Armed with the maturity of a teenager, Liang Xia decides to live up her life, and gets into a love triangle with ex-boyfriend Mao Liang and rebellious youth Yan Yan (Darren Wang Dalu).

Suddenly Seventeen is based on the novel of the same name by Black.F, and is also the directorial debut of Zhang Mo, daughter of famous director Zhang Yimou. She had previously worked on his films as an assistant director and editor, and I’m curious to see how she’ll fare on her own. 


2 thoughts on “Ni Ni is Suddenly Seventeen in upcoming rom-com movie

  1. I am going to watch this movie tomorrow. So far, the reviews are good. It has a meaningful message besides the comedy and fun – discover and be true to yourself and what you want.

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