General and I teases war and romance in first trailer

The first trailer and behind-the-scenes clip is out for upcoming period romance drama General and I 孤芳不自赏 starring Wallace Chung (Tik Tok) and Angelababy (Love O2O).

Angelababy stars as Bai Pingting, the genius military strategist that serves He Xia, son of Prince Jing’an. They are forced to flee the Kingdom of Yan after an internal power struggle, and Pingting wanders all the way to the Kingdom of Jin after being separated from He Xia.

Wallace Chung stars as Chu Beijie, powerful general and brother to the King of Jin. He falls in love with Bai Pingting at first sight, though their relationship is complicated by lies and betrayals as they use each other to gain useful intelligence for their respective kingdoms.

Sun Yizhou (The Fatal Mission) plays He Xia, an ambitious noble who is intent on seeking revenge for his family after being betrayed by the royal household of Yan. Gan Tingting (Lurking Before Dawn) plays He Xia’s wife the Princess Yaotian of Qin, and her love for him ultimately leads to the downfall of her kingdom.

General and I will broadcast on Hunan TV in January, and is slated to run for 62 episodes.



5 thoughts on “General and I teases war and romance in first trailer

  1. LOVE the trailer. Lol.

    But is it just me or did the production team took a page from the American’s book of How to Make Your Trailer?

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