Jin Chen out, Wang Likun in for Martial Universe


If I do end up watching this drama, it would be for Wang Likun.

Martial Universe 武动乾坤, the upcoming fantasy drama starring Yang Yang (I Belonged To You) is the latest drama to get embroiled in a public casting shakeup. Zhang Tianai and Jin Chen were initially slated to play female leads Ling Qingzhu and Ying Huanhuan respectively, though it was announced today that Zhang Tianai will be taking on the role of Ying Huanhuan instead, while Wang Likun (Somewhere Only We Know) will play Ling Qingzhu.

Yang Yang stars as our protagonist Lin Dong, a young man who learns the art of cultivation in order to take revenge for his father. He falls in love with two totally different women, and the three get involved in a complicated love triangle much like the one in Noble Aspirations 诛仙Lin Dong marries both Ying Huanhuan and Ling Qingzhu in Tianchan Tudou’s original novel, though it seems like the former will be his true love in the drama.

Other confirmed cast members include Wu Chun (Lady of the Dynasty) as Lin Dong’s  nemesis Lin Langtian, Liu Yan (I Belonged To You) as Mu Qianqian, Dong Qing as Lin Dong’s adopted sister Lin Qingtan and Suo Xiaokun and Shi Xiaolong as Lin Dong’s good friends Ah Diao and Xiao Yan respectively.

The 60 episode drama is helmed by critically acclaimed director Zhang Li (The Young Marshal), and began filming today.


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