First look at Wallace Chung and Jiang Shuying’s upcoming romance drama


Blooming Flowers Shall Send Us On Our Way 一路繁华相送 is based on Qingshan Luotuo’s novel of the same name, and follows a pair of first loves as they rekindle their relationship after a decade apart.

Wallace Chung (Tik Tok) plays Lu Fei, firstlove to Xin Chen and university classmate to Lin Leqing. He is invited back to China to direct a movie, and uses his love story with Xin Chen as inspiration for the film. He is also intent on chasing back Xin Chen, and never loses hope even after being rejected numerous times.

Jiang Shuying (To Be A Better Man) plays Xin Chen, a free spirited dancer who is the first love of both Lu Fei and Lin Leqing. She and Lu Fei parted due to a misunderstanding, and when he reappears in her life a decade later, she refuses to acknowledge her own hidden affections for him. She is ultimately touched by Lu Fei’s perseverance, and decides to give their relationship a second chance.

Aaron Yan (Refresh Man) plays Lin Leqing, a young entrepreneur who fell in love with Xin Chen at first sight. He knows his feelings aren’t reciprocated, yet is willing to remain by her side as a good friend.

Costars include Li Sheng (Ice Fantasy)Christopher Lee (Mr. Right Wanted), Li Haoxuan (Precious Youth) and Mo Yunwen (The Day I Lost You). The 50 episode drama is directed by Liu Miaomiao and written by Jin Guodong (Boss and Me, Fifteen Years of Waiting for Migratory Birds), and will air on Dragon TV and Jiangsu TV sometime next year.


3 thoughts on “First look at Wallace Chung and Jiang Shuying’s upcoming romance drama

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  3. Wallace Chung is my favourite actor in China although I can’t speak any of their language. If I get notification when they release it I will be happy to know it

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