Wallace Huo’s thriller movie Hide and Seek sets premiere date


Wallace Huo’s previous films haven’t made any splashes with the audience – let’s hope this one will turn things around.

Wallace Huo is definitely moving full steam ahead with his film career – Hide and Seek is just one of three movies he has filmed this year, while his other projects The Great Escape (starring Zhou Xun) and Reset (co-starring Yang Mi) are in the final stages of post-production.

Wallace Huo plays Zhang Jiawei, a businessman who has a successful career and a loving family. However, he’ll be put through the wringer when he finds out his brother has been missing for several months. Jiawei discovers strange symbols drawn around his brother’s flat, and soon the same talismans start appearing in his own high-end apartment.

Wan Qian stars as his wife Pingzhi, while Qin Hailu stars as a single mother who lives in a run-down apartment with her daughter. Chun Xia, who recently took home Best Actress at the Hong Kong Film Awards guest stars as a young girl who shares a dilapidated apartment with her boyfriend (Dong Zijian). The game of hide-and-seek begins as they all try to find the psychopath “living in their home”. If they mean it literally, then I’ll probably be watching the whole movie through my fingers.

Hide and Seek is directed by Liu Jie (Young Style) and written by Ren Peng (The Great Hypnotist). The release date has been pushed back to November 4th due to censorship issues, and I just hope SAPPRFT’s meddling will not compromise the quality of the film.


3 thoughts on “Wallace Huo’s thriller movie Hide and Seek sets premiere date

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  2. So this movie has no relation to American movie, as it was announced before. That’s great plot sounds more interesting than if they made raw remake

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