Love is More Than a Word stills

Based on what has been released so far, it’s pretty apparent that they expect this to float on fanservice, fanservice, fanservice, and fanservice… because… you know… based on the stills below half the scenes are necessary to float a good story line…

Love is More Than a Word 识汝不识丁 stills today.  Starring Jiang Zile, Yan Zidong, Lu Zhuo, Chen Yichen, and Kong Chuinan, those who tire of the usual heterosexual pairing of dramas can give this a go.

More below the cut.

Given what has been released so far, I expect him to actually be grieving that only the shirt was necessary for removal for this scene…

… and I’m expecting the female characters…

… to exist solely to make the streets filled solely/mostly with men to look a bit less awkward…

I am sorry, Mary Sue, no matter how hard you argue your case, I can not allow you to get together with the male lead.

You will just have to endure the same pain you have unleashed on countless numbers of your fellow female side-characters…

…including always watching on the side as others take away the best costumes…

…never being present when it matters…

and being unable to conveniently play hookie when it serves in your personal self interest and morals.

I’m actually not sure if I’m okay with them having a dungeon scene in this drama… O_o


2 thoughts on “Love is More Than a Word stills

  1. HAHAHAHA your comments crack me up !! so funny! So a new BL drama, hee… I really enjoyed “Go princess Go” even though it wasn’t quite a BL drama, but that mostly due to the humor. It doesn’t seem like they will go for parody/humor in this one…

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