When a Snail Falls in Love releases stills


The lion is thinking of his snail.

Wang Kai and Wang Ziwen‘s detective-romance drama When a Snail Falls in Love 如果蜗牛有爱情 has wrapped up filming in Mainland China, and will be heading off to Myanmar in August to film the final battle.

The story centres on the budding romance between detective Ji Bai and criminal profiler Xu Xu as they solve crimes and uncover hidden mysteries together. Daylight Entertainment’s newest adaption also promises a nicer balance of romance and mystery as they strive to improve upon the criticisms leveled at their similar themed drama Love Me If You Dare.

When a Snail Falls in Love is being adapted for the small screen by director Zhang Kaizhou (Love Me If You Dare) and writer Zhu Zhu (Distance to Love 到爱的距离), and the latter has also promised to add her own spin to Ding Mo’s original novel. It is scheduled to be broadcast on Tencent, and then on Jiangsu TV as a weekly drama in the fourth quarter of 2016.




6 thoughts on “When a Snail Falls in Love releases stills

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  3. Sure glad he and the fine supporting actors of NIF have found recognition. But why isn’t there much attention toward the impressive actor who played the Liang Emperor?

    • I think all the older supporting cast members are like super established, well known, veteran stage actors. So they probably don’t need/ don’t want mainstream TV/ movie popular recognition.

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