Demon Girl is in the arms of shirtless Zhang Zhehan


I can’t tell if  there’s more gel on his hair or oil on his body?

The newly rebranded Yu Zheng workshops Huanyu Film released posters for its upcoming fantasy drama Demon Girl 半妖倾城. The series  stars newcomer Liu Yitong along with Zhang Zhehan,   Merxat, Hong Xiao, and Dai Xiangyu.

I still have no idea what this drama is about, but hey, shirtless Zhang Zhehan!  Also, this is mostly a reminder that Zhang Zhehan’s The Legend of Ban Shu  is finally airing and currently available for viewing on Tencent.  It’s one of the few good rom com’s last year, so I definitely recommend checking it out.

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9 thoughts on “Demon Girl is in the arms of shirtless Zhang Zhehan

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