Chronicle of Life to air

… and I still long for this degree of production quality to be applied to other dynasties….

Chronicle of Life, starring Hawick Lau, Zheng Shuang, Zhang Binbin, Michelle Yim, Zhang Zhixi, Zhang Xiaochen, Wang Ruoxin, and Cheng Yanqiu, will be releasing soon so here are the stills and promotional goodies being released.  This includes the much missed spoiler-trailer below so you have been warned.

Stills tsunami and other goodies below the cut.

Opening theme, Closing ThemePromo 1, Promo 2,


7 thoughts on “Chronicle of Life to air

  1. Chronicle of Life unexpectedly became my favorite drama of the season. I had zero expectation for this drama and it turned out to be amazingly good! The trailer and the plot does it no justice. It’s all about the execution. My heart is bleeding for Nalan Rong Ruo right now. To be caught in between loyalty, love, and family where any decision you make is the wrong one. It is a terrible place to be. I marathoned 14 episodes in one sitting. I was so upset that I actually caught up. I need more, ASAP!

  2. Initial thoughts: really pretty, kind of cliche but cute enough to bear. I miss ZS’s old face :(
    They should’ve used flashbacks for the way-too-long childhood parts.

    • It’s okay so far and I think some of the production quality is keeping me going but it’s really “coincidental.”

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  4. The first poster promo definitely brings out some Bu Bu Jing Xin feel back to me, especially in relation to the 2nd Bu Bu Jin Qing promo poster of ShiShi & Nicky touching the palace wall too

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