Wang Kai, Joe Chen, Joe Cheng, Bosco Wong hit the runway for new fashion drama


If we  replace Joe Cheng with someone from Macau, we would get a happy Greater China family.

  1. Joe Chen and Joe Cheng are finally collaborating! Cfensi gold stars for every time you catch us mixing their names.
  2. Leave Me, Catch Me 放弃我抓紧我 features Joe Chen as a fashion designer who all of a sudden lost her memories after the age of 23, is now engaged  a man who she doesn’t know, and competitors with the man who she thought was her boyfriend.  Can she rebuild her life and find her lost dreams?  The male cast includes Wang Kai, Bosco Wong, and Joe Cheng.
  3. Filming begins next month in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Milan, and Paris.  OMG Wang Kai in Paris in those gorgeous winter coats!  I’m going to be thinking about Ming Cheng’s college days during all those scenes.  Can we please have a scene where the girl leaves him so he runs out and then kneels in the snow while wearing only a white shirt?  I’m probably expecting too much …
  4. The drama has already been picked up by Sohu, so we won’t have to worry about death-in-the-storage-room .  The drama is produced by Tonghua (BuBuJingxin, Cloud Song, Desert Melody) of Dream Stardom  (Perfect Couple, Destined to Love You )  
  5. Following this drama with Wang Kai, Joe Chen’s next project is The Ghouls with Jin Dong.  She’s living every Lou-Cheng fangirl’s dream. Her current drama is The Legendary Tycoon 传奇大亨 with Song Yi, also of The Disguiser.
  6. On top of the three dramas from Wang Kai already aired/airing, Wang Kai has three more dramas airing next month. Foxes of Azure Hill, where he stars in a segment opposite Jin Chen and Zhang Xueyingis schedule to air next month on Hunan TV’s weekly slot.  Stories of Qingdao Past 青岛往事 , where  Wang Kai cameos as Huang Bo’s adopted son, is airing on  CCTV8. Finally, Jiangxi TV is airing Waiting for You to Love Me 等你爱我, where he plays the annoying second male lead. The last one is a generic melodramatic soap opera that you probably don’t want to watch except to admire his face.

18 thoughts on “Wang Kai, Joe Chen, Joe Cheng, Bosco Wong hit the runway for new fashion drama

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  3. I actually loved BBJX and Ballad of the Desert :3 Although I’m not quite enjoying Song in the Clouds, mainly because most of the actors don’t appeal to me and it’s produced by Yu Zheng lol. However, the plot of this drama is generic and cliche enough to drive me away. I almost don’t want to watch it if it weren’t for Wang Kai. Quite disappointed that Joe Chen is the female lead though because she seems to like to choose a lot of characters that are ditsy and so exaggerated to the point that they give me a headache lol. I’m hoping perhaps this role will make her out to be a level headed woman who is a believable person I could relate to. Although I will never understand why she’s so appealing to people XD

    • BBJX and Desert Melody/Cloud Song are not Tonghua productions. They were based off her books. This one is written by a team of writers and Tonghua is only the adviser, as is the case with Perfect Couple, the other drama with Chen Qiao’en, and the two dramas with Zheng Shuang/Hawick Lau. Of those, only the Perfect Couple had a good script.

      Have you seen SOP Queen? Chen Qiao’en plays a very level-headed women who I think has one of the best love-work balances for an idol drama female lead. It’s probably my favorite modern idol dramas from the mainland. I’m hoping that this show will be more like SOP Queen.

  4. Fashion runway drama with Joe Cheng and Joe Chen? Count me in! <3 Although they already collaborated in a 2015 C-movie "The Queens" but I don't think they were the couple there :D

  5. Whhhhhy Wang Kai – you could’ve picked from so many other scripts that were being sent your way. Memory loss does not sound like a good plot and Tong Hua hasn’t written a good script yet that isn’t completely boring or cheesy. I’m hoping your script standards are as high as Jin Dong so hopefully it’s passable.

    I also didn’t expect Jin Dong to pick up something like The Ghouls though either so….

    Any news on a Disguiser prequel? or a chance of them reuniting? I just watched the Day Day Up episode with Wang Kai and Jin Dong and they are absolutely adorable. Lol at the quote the part when Jin Dong says he never wanted to play the part in NIF and Wang Kai is like it’s because you’ve never taken on such a small unimportant role before (and therefore highlight the drama’s high standard because even a minor character is played by such a heavy weight actor)

    • Aww, I loved Perfect Couple! Jin Dong… The Ghouls sounds perfect for him in concept, but I heard the scriptwriter is the guy who did the Lost Tombs with Li Yifeng, aka horrible. … And despite Jin Dong being more serious, his dramas actually have, on average, worse scripts than WK’s.

      Jin Dong said he’s hoping for a film next spring (?) in a recent interview. But I don’t know how that’ll work if he begins filming in March and Wang Kai finishes filming in February. Since the best part of the Disguiser are the two of them, it would be really sad if either of them are not in it or are in it but not together.

      • True. I guess May is still technically spring so it depends on how fast they film The Ghouls.

        I really want them to release the fabled NIF scene that was filmed where Wang Kai and Jin Dong are both in it but got cut for some reason (well actually it was never in the book). Even as just an Easter egg.

    • I’m in general a bit disappointed in both of their choices, but slightly less in Wang Kai since I don’t have as high an expectation for him. I’m one of those people who spends part of my time in museums awkwardly telling people to not to use flash, and whose retirement plans includes being a museum curator in a certain remote museum, so Jin Dong gave me bonus points when he was producing the drama about protecting artifacts. He’s also spoken several times on the importance of social responsibility and how he doesn’t want to humanize the antagonists too much, so I don’t understand why now he’s taking on The Ghouls.

      I’m not the biggest fan of Tonghua’s dramas (minus the first half of Perfect Couple) and don’t have high hopes for this show yet, but at least this drama sounds less problematic.

      • Pressure from management company? I certainly hope not because their track record would suggest otherwise and Jin Dong definately is not the type that does what he is told and will speak out.

        Maybe Tong Hua will surprise us with a good script that is on par with her books which are usually well written.

  6. I didn’t find You Are My Sunshine with much fashion. Only a tiny bit. My ex-boyfriend was a one that had lots of atrociious fashion. Real Clothes which is a jdrama starring Karina is like Devil Wears Prada

  7. I know I’m not watching for the plot. The last series I’ve watch that was fashion related was You’re My Sunshine and it was some atrocious fashion. I believe’s in Wang Kai’s judgment of the script.
    Pray to TV gods that there will be a lot of trend coats (give me that scene from the Disguiser prequel).

    • I may trust his judgment in the script, but I do not trust his fashion sense at all, so they better have a good stylist. All the coats and three-pieces, please!

      I think fashion-wise, some of the best styling for a cdrama I’ve seen was Chen Qiao’en’s SOP Queen. Most fashion ones are outlandish (cough, Chen Jiaming, cough). Even Tiny Times the movie had some strange fashion choices despite help from the head of Elle TW (but then, it’s Elle, and it’s Elle TW, so …. ) .

      • I find the problem with chinese fashion in drama is that they tends to go overboard with the glamours and forget about subtlety. SOP Queen with Joe Chen was amazingly classy and understated unlike all the other SOP Queen.

        Oh my god Chen JiaMing. Lol. I’ve seen an astounding amount of photo shoots from Wang Kai in the last 3 months (you should do a post on it. hint hint), and they’re all pretty amazing. Though, his personal style is very meh. I think Bosco Wong and Joe Chen will hold up well the fashion aspect of this show.

        I just need Shang Dong to create more series. Period. Looking forward to Ode of Joy and Hu Ge drama. Then there is Wallace’s drama with Shi Shi. That’s about it for 2016. I want the Ming brothers back together doesn’t mater if it’s an award show. Lang Ya Bang II, Disguiser prequel, or just sitting together drinking tea. I would pay hard cash.

  8. I really want to watch this because of Wang Kai, but I’m also realllyyy skeptical of dramas where the girl loses her memory. Did she get hit by a car? Is it going to all of a sudden come back when she’s hit by a car again? Someone’s ex girlfriend with a not so secret evil streak is probably going to appear too.

    • This plot sounds to me more like a rebirth story passing as a memory loss story, so hopefully it won’t be as cheesy? I’m more concerned about the script because both of Tonghua’s last two dramas were both boring.
      Also I really want a good stylist for this because I’m pretty sure most clothes at a garage sale are better than the costumes from Chen Qiao’en’s last drama with Tonghua.

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