Chen Xiao, Yuan Shanshan crossdress for Above The Clouds


I want to melt in Chen Xiao’s eyes.

These stills of Chen Xiao and Yuan Shanshan in white for upcoming drama Above the Clouds are photoshoot-worthy. The pair looks so much in love, and the choice of Yuan Shanshan painting Chen Xiao’s eyebrows is especially a genius move.

The stills portray a show-in-a-show-in-a-show , where  Chen Xiao plays a modern-day actor playing an Republican era opera actor playing Consort Yuji to Yuan Shanshan’s actress playing an opera actor playing the warlord Xiang Yu.




Gender-switched Zhang Wuji vs. Zhao Min, anyone?


Ma Tianyu and M.I.C.  have serious competition.



That day when Yu Zheng finally understands the beauty of simplicity.


5 thoughts on “Chen Xiao, Yuan Shanshan crossdress for Above The Clouds

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  2. I guess on the bright side there are plenty of different costumes…
    • Yes and no? I’m guessing that this is likely to be slightly episodic as the main characters act in a number of different dramas. Based on stills so far, there’s at least one in the Republican era, one in the Han, this one ( Three Kingdoms/pre-Han in the Republican), one modern, and some sort of fantasy/sci-fi where CHen Xiao is dressed up like a black angel.

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