Ying’er takes a go as the foxy(?) Daji

Sigh… with the way things are going, eyeliner has come to indicate ravaging beauty in dramas…

Korean-Chinese collaboration The Gods has competition in the fantasy-comedy Ne Zha and Yang Jian, starring Wong Cho-lam, Gao Yunxiang, Ying’er, Linda Chung,and Chen Zihan.  Both dramas being based on Investiture of the Gods, it will be interesting to see the different takes on the story. Though, in my opinion, some of the costuming in this version varies widely from interesting to okay to groans…

More stills below the cut.

While this looks pretty, she’s probably thinking something along the lines of “there’s a hair in my eye… there’s a hair in my eye…”

One more reason to stay in bed… having to get up and turn yourself into this every morning…

… and then spending the next hour deciding which hair pin to stick in your head…

… which sometimes looks awfully dangerous if you ask me…

I’m sure that if we had smart phones in antiquity, the add mist and flower petals app would have been very popular to embellish your selfies with…


3 thoughts on “Ying’er takes a go as the foxy(?) Daji

  1. In the French film, The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec (by Luc Besson), there is a terrible accident with a hair pin which removed any of my interest in having one as a hair ornament. Too bad, cause I always liked them before!

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