Music Monday: July 13, 2015

We here at Cfensi don’t approve of blackbox voting, that’s why M.I.C. boyband’s Only One won this week as the only contender. It’s English-subbed, too!

I think now that TF Boys is popular, they’re finally getting good songs.  Here’s the super cute, if simple, Doting Love 宠爱.

Someone finally put up Ning Huanyu‘s latest composition Do you think I’m good enough for her? 你觉得我配她吗? I’m impressed.

Zeng Yike may not have the voice for you to immediately fall in love with, but she’s a good songwriter. Here’s her latest, where she claims beauty as a proud Black Swan who’s worth your love:

Wang Rong teams up with Laomao once more for their latest tune, Abs.  They are actually good  musicians (Aiya, Father Mother), and I’m kind of sad they’ve now resorted to filling their decent music with the dumbest lyrics possible.

Also, Miss Ko‘s  Let It Go is  now available with English subs.


One thought on “Music Monday: July 13, 2015

  1. I’m really liking Ning Huanyu’s compositions! They’re different from one another and I’m really looking to his future development.

    Wang Rong…I haven’t been impressed with her latest music, which is really disappointing as her earlier music was terrific.

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