Throwback: Sun Li takes a swim for Elle

Cfensi is currently, gradually working on uploading posts from the dramaaddicts site to our current WordPress platform (you can find these recovered posts by looking at cfensistaff posts here). Most will be filed under their original publish date (example: idarklight’s Starry Night post), but some photo shoots are pretty enough to warrant a “re-run.” What were your favorite stars doing 2-3 years ago? 

Originally published:

Lead actress of popular Qing drama Inner Palace – The Legend of Zhen Huan, Sun Li, recently made it onto the cover of Elle. She and husband Deng Chao recently celebrated their second anniversary (the two were married on June 7, 2010). Both are presumably busy taking care of their new son, but watch out Deng Chao’s new movie with Crystal Liu Yifei, The Four Great Detectives. Look under the cut for the rest of Sun Li’s aquatic shoot.


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