Love Without a Trace releases collage stills

The designer of some of these costumes clearly went through the fabric section at JoAnn.

Tong Liya’s period comeback releases stills… and a trailer!!  Our prayers have been answered.  Glory Hallelujah!!  Love Without a Trace stars Tong LiyaYang ShuoTong Dawei, Peng Guanyin, and Guan Yue.  I was having doubts about the costumes at first but seeing them in motion is definitely restoring some confidence.
More stills below the cut.

Okay… so we’ll pick a few good shots of each character and put it on a background with a calligraphy brush motif since we’re Asian, through in a building so we can tell by the architecture that it’s Chinese, and add some plum blossom petals since it’s a female character… and now I don’t know what I’m supposed to be looking at.

Playing god by centering yourself over the CGI sun.

Must have sucked being the emperor back in the day… I mean it’s almost like the Power Rangers where you just got assigned a color and that’s all you could wear…

Fur, the new VERY HOT warrior commodity… both literally and figuratively…

Reason number 1 for why Tong Liya needs to do more period dramas…

Reason number 2? She can still stand out despite the background…


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