“Bu Bu Jing Xin” Movie Reveals First Look at Princes

Ivy Chen and Tony Yang in Time to Love/Bu Bu Jing Xin

I’m sorry, even Tony Yang can’t pull off the Qing queue that well.

The movie adaptation of Bu Bu Jing Xin (新步步惊心), officially titled Time to Love, unveiled a new trailer and some new stills recently, with the highlight being our first close-ups of Tony Yang and Shawn Dou, who play Fourth Prince and Fourteenth Prince respectively.

Unlike the previously released preview, which suggested that female lead Zhang Xiaowen (Ivy Chen) traveled back in time after a failed suicide attempt, the new trailer shows her accidentally slipping in the bathtub and awakening in the Qing Dynasty as Maertai Ruoxi. The trailer also gives us a glimpse of her burgeoning romances with the logical and reliable Fourth Prince and the romantic and fun-loving Fourteenth Prince.

Time to Love opens in theaters on August 20, just in time for the Qixi Festival (sometimes referred to as “Chinese Valentine’s Day”). Trailer and more stills below.

Which date looks like more fun? Sitting under autumn foliage (see above) or sitting under the summer sun (see below)?

Ivy Chen, Shawn Dou in Time to Love/Bu Bu Jing Xin

Shawn Dou, Ivy Chen in Time to Love/Bu Bu Jing Xin

Shawn Dou in Time to Love/Bu Bu Jing Xin

Tony Yang, Ivy Chen in Time to Love/Bu Bu Jing Xin

Ivy Chen in Time to Love/Bu Bu Jing Xin

Tony Yang in Time to Love/Bu Bu Jing Xin

I hope this Go game is as epically filmed as the Go games in Hikaru no Go. :P

Tony Yang, Shawn Dou in Time to Love/Bu Bu Jing Xin



13 thoughts on ““Bu Bu Jing Xin” Movie Reveals First Look at Princes

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  2. Ok I totally missed the VERY IMPORTANT DETAIL that Shawn is playing 14th and not 8th. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING…who will I root for!? I love Tony but I also love 14th prince!!!!

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  4. it still feels very surreal that Ivy is gonna be the movie Ruoxi. out of everyone in the industry, she’s my favourite and has something special that many don’t, both in her personality/charm and acting. but she wasn’t exactly getting A-class roles or gigs, so to suddenly take on the lead based on a crazy popular show… it still feels unreal to me. I could watch her do anything or nothing at all and still love every second of it. hope it turns out good! :(

  5. Love the Hikaru no Go reference! makes me want to revisit the series. And just recently saw another one of Shawn Dou’s roles in Under the hawthorn tree so have a soft spot for this actor too. Hmm, but need to not compare as much the movie to the drama…

    • Same here. The men can’t be helped, with that hairstyle and all, but there’s just something off about how Ivy is styled when she’s in the modern era. I can’t quite place my finger on it, but something is weird. Her Qing Dynasty look is a little better but doesn’t really warrant a second look.

    • Qing dynasty under Kangxi. I imagine the carousel was probably reconstructed from her memory since she’s from the present. Firearms were available in China by then.

  6. Hm… Having read the book (& the unofficial sequel) along with the TV drama and it’s sequel; I am curious to see how the film pans out. Hopefully we will be able to catch it overseas without waiting for too long of a period. Any idea if it will be released in the US?

    • As of now, we haven’t heard anything about a U.S. release, but we’ll try to keep everyone updated! I’m interested in seeing this on the big screen as well.

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