God of War releases stills


Neither of them look comfortable because it’s really hard to ride a horse when you have to get both riders’ faces to show up in the photo.

Coproduction series God of War: Zhao Zilong released its first stills today, featuring Lin Gengxin as Zhao Zilong, SNSD’s Im Yoona as made-up character, Godfrey Gao as Lv Bu, Gulinazha as Diao Chan, Kim Jeonghoon as an angry bladesman, some girl who I can not identify Zhao Hanyingzi as another made-up character, Jia Qing as Maggie Cheung, and an older gentleman with a cool robe.

Jia Qing looking stunning in  a red dress in red leaves.  Already done, but props for trying to color-coordinate.

On second thought, can we please not match Gulinazha’s ultra-pastel dress with the curtains?

Does anyone know who this is?</del Zhao Hanyingzi gets props for shying away from the pastel.

I have no idea who this is, but his costume is my favorite so far. The watercolor-like design looks great against the backdrop of the water and rocks.


10 thoughts on “God of War releases stills

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  3. two fav actors, lin gengxin and kim jeonghoon….but why yoona T_T~ she’s pretty but i’m afraid the two will fall for her. LOL.

  4. The costuming looks ridiculous. What’s up with the gaudy war uniforms? Feels like I’m looking at stills from a soap opera.

    Given the pictures out of context, I wouldn’t be able to confidently say these are stills from a historical Chinese drama, much less one set in the Han dynasty…

  5. In a burst of intelligence, I went back to the Sina photos and what would you know, all of the photos are appropriately titled with the names of the actors.

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