Confucius Dance Drama

No… I don’t drink coffee… but I do have to have a daily dose of period pretty or things do not go well…

Clips of the China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater’s production of Confucius has been released.  My favorites so far include Cai Wei (the lyrics are based on an ancient poem) and Incense.. Watch the whole thing here (can’t complain too much but hoping for a better quality release later).

It seems they may still be touring so maybe you will be lucky enough to catch a performance if they visit your city.  On the whole, there’s dance, music, pretty costumes, and bits people versed in Chinese history and literature will enjoy.  Something for everybody.

By the way, we don’t do posts like this often.  What do you think?  Should we continue if the opportunity presents itself?

More stills below the cut… with captions for good fun…

Surprise!!  It’s ancient Chinese midriff day!!

… I’ll let you guys off since these are dance costumes but I don’t think ancient Chinese woman would have worn skirts that were semi-see-through…

Yes… because I’m sure upper class Chinese women had nothing better to do than to sit around and strike interesting poses like this…

… either that or they’re trying to communicate with us through some arcane form of sign language…

Ancient Chinese interpretation of the Cruella De Ville dance.

… and we move from fur to feathers…

The Incense Dance.

Followers of ZHZ will know that these girls won’t be dancing that happily when they want to have a child.

Almost neon enough to be ancient Chinese rave clothing.

I suppose since this is about Confucius I should include a picture of him somewhere…


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