Xianxia Sword releases stills

Ladies, ever wake up and feel like NOT doing your make-up?  Well here’s a solution, the veiled hat!!

Beginning its venture into the wuxia world, Lafeng Entertainment has decided to create Xianxia Sword, starring Jiang Yi, Liu Tingyu,  Lu Yulin, Tian Li, Zhang Chenguang, Tang Zhenye, and Chen Weihan.  The story centers on a female Robin-Hood-like character and her escapades to give justice to the downtrodden and clear her father’s name with her legendary sword while wandering the world.

More stills below the cut.

Lafeng seems to be a bit more color coordinated on this one…

… and since this is Lafeng of course Jiang Yi is the male lead.

Channeling empty vase… to make the female lead look like she has more substance…

… and the girl you wouldn’t date to make the female protagonist look more desirable.

Featuring evil monster claws…

… and male eye-candy…

…lots and lots of it…

… and then some more…

… so hopefully we can generate profit.


4 thoughts on “Xianxia Sword releases stills

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  2. Yay for female leads in wuxia drama is pretty much all I have to say! I like the non-protagonist(?) female with the braids personally.

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