Duke of Mount Deer airs

Han Dong tries to sell make up…


Jin Yong fans who are allergic to Yu Zheng can rejoice as Huace Media’s rendition of Duke of Mount Deer, has finally aired on December 20th.  Starring Wei Qianxiang, Lou Yixiao, Jia Qing, Zhang Xinyu, Wu QianZhang Meng, and Han Dong, character stills have been released.  With this 50-episodes monster unleashed last week  along with  Fan Bingbing‘s 86-episode The Empress of China (December 19th) and the recently released 60 episode Red Sorghum, we have to wonder if Chinese networks have suddenly decided to try to make us all go blind.

More stills below the cut.

Pssst… you can make out your evil twin in the right edge of the background behind you…

Never mind the eunuchs striking interesting poses in the background…

Uhhh… I’m pretty sure that’s a whip in the top right corner…

It doesn’t matter if you watch Yu Zheng’s The Romance of Condor Heroes, The Empress of China, or The Deer and the Cauldron, I’m in all three.

Please ignore Han Dong’s random elbow in my shot.

Don’t look now but that woman behind you is going to get neck strain from the size of her headdress…

TIL stripped borders were all the rage back in the day.

They couldn’t find a more suitable background for me so now it looks like I’m going fishing indoors in the imperial palace…

Looks like these two would be good friends in real life… until there’s only one copy of an accessory that they both want…

Wow… so tell me… do you comb those eyebrows every morning?

How this background is relevant to all three of us, the world may never know…













5 thoughts on “Duke of Mount Deer airs

  1. I’m allergic to Yu Zheng’s remakes of great series. My favorite is the 1980s version and the 90s version with Ruby Lin and Dickey Cheung.
    I think it’s all about the money for Yu Zheng, and putting the favorites and blooming actors are giving him the money. He’s only in for the remakes and money. not to make it even better.

  2. “Jin Yong fans who are allergic to Yu Zheng can rejoice”, well i don’t think i can rejoice. Huace’s Demi-gods and Semi-devils was butchered so i don’t have much hope for this version. I’ve watched the first 7 eps so far and its horrible. Bad acting, bad plot and bad CGI.

    • Agreed. I would take Yu Zheng over Huace in a Jin Yong remake any day, although so far, both RoCH and this are just kind of boring. Wu Zetian is great, though!

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