Dilireba for Sohu New Face


Actress Dilireba does a cute photoshoot for Sohu New Face!     The Shanghai Drama student has got this season of Hunan TV covered with roles in Ancient Sword, Cosmetology High, and currently airing Desert Melody.  She’s currently filming film Gathering Dusk.


Dilireba twilight girl

Dilireba puts on her Kristen Stewart face for her upcoming vampire movie.

Dilireba needs glassesDilireba

Dilireba is 12.


2 thoughts on “Dilireba for Sohu New Face

  1. I haven’t been able to really like any of her roles yet, though – not in Ancient Sword, not in Micro Times, not in Cosmetology High…though I think (so far) it’s less her, and more of the characters themselves that I was unable to like.

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