“The Hero Chi You” revisits prehistorical legends


Why waste the spinal cords  of your enemies when you can use them for axes?

Unwilling to be one of the four upcoming dramas about Justice Bao or who knows how many with Wu Zetian, director Zhang Jizhong decides to go further in history for inspiration with his latest film/drama of prehistorical heroes. First up will be The Hero Chi You 英雄时代:魔尊蚩尤, about the legendary tribal leader who, after defeat by the Yellow Emperor, retreated South to become the ancestors of the Hmong.

The project was originally touted as a TV series titled The Age of Heroes 英雄时代, but now it’s taking a part of the story and calling it a movie.  Let’s hope it’s because the series was so good that they decided it was film-worthy.

The trailer is in English, and features surprisingly decent special effects:

25 thoughts on ““The Hero Chi You” revisits prehistorical legends

  1. It’s interesting, in Hmong, Chi You means, Grandfather, and Huang di means King….I truly do wonder the history and background of these great leaders. But at the end of the day….I feel they really are just bitter families. And that goes for everything in life, as the human race, and what not.

  2. What are they saying? That the hmong people are barbarians. This is the same as depicting native Americans as savages.

    • If you’re referring to clothing, everyone in the show looks like that, be it the tribes of Yan Di or Huang Di or You Chi. I think it’s just generic prehistoric styling since we don’t actually know how they dressed (assuming they existed at all).

      • I think Bee fails to realize that Chi You, Huang Di, and Yan Di are all FOREFATHERS of this land we call China. And that means were talking old school……basically stone age era/ Caveman-like era.

  3. Sounds interesting. Small editorial correction: Please change it to “Hmong” from “Hmongs”. It is both singular and plural.

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    • There’s no news of an airing date yet. Filming finished not so long ago, and I think the special effects would probably take at least a year for this type of movie.
      If it’s based on the TV series, it should be in Chinese.

  5. That’s a funny way of translating 魔尊 (though I “get” why)
    …I would watch it in theaters if they brought it to the states, though.

  6. I’m quite confused… Zhang Jinyong is filming also a movie about HuangDi. Are these two movies related somehow?

    • I think it’s the same thing… At least the cast is identical? I’m confused, too, since 英雄时代 is suppose to be a drama about Huangdi and Yandi…

        • They weren’t enemies! They were different tribes fighting for control of the central plains. They’re more like bitter families.

        • No and yes Huangdi was a brother or someone related to Chi You (my great great grandfather) but because of power Huangdi broke off from Chi You’s tribe and that’s when the three nation was established. Hsia, Shang, and Chou. Chi you had the opportunity to govern all 81 clans each with 9 clan leaders which it’s system was consider the nine heavens. Upon the generals these are their names. Fang Yi, Huang Yi, Pai Yi, Ch’ih You (Yi), Hsuan Yi, Feng Yi, Yang Yi, Ch’uan Yi, Yu Yi. Addition clan leaders are Huaj Yi, and San Shou Yi. All of these clan leader have their own responsibility over 9 individual clans and reports to Chi You if there were to have dispute within the land or family.

      • but the trailer I saw is called 炎黄大帝(or传奇) and ChiYou was definitely more gross that this one…

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