Yang Mi for QQ and as leading lady in Da Wudang JUNE 22, 2012


Yang Mi can look like a movie star even with Hello-Kitty sunglasses.

In upcoming Wuxia movie “Da Wudang”, Yang Mi‘s “Tian Xin” and Zhao Wenzhuo’s “Tang Yunlong” compete against each other in a grand martial arts tournament, with Xu Jiao as Zhao Wenzhou’s adoptive daughter, “Tang Ning”. Da Wudang is set the the Republican era, and Tian Xin is the descendant of a martial arts clan while Tang Yulong is an explorer from America. Each of them came here for the competition in name only. Legend says that hidden in Wudang Mountain are three extremely rare treasures, and the real reason Tian Xin and Tang Yulong came is because they intend to steal those treasures.  Joining the fray is Tian Heyi, played by Fan Shaohuang, who was unexpectedly selected to be the Wudang representative. With this, an intense competition for the title of Wushu champion and possession of the three treasures begins.

Da Wudang is coming out on July 6; in the meantime you can get more of Yang Mi looking cute by seeing the rest of her photo shoot for QQ under the cut.


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