More pictures from “Lian Ai Ba”

I see a lot of people new to this site leaving comments. I guess I was subtle about this fact, but this site is now in its much less active state so if you are new and would like to find out more about Chinese entertainment, please feel free to browse older entries. New entries will still appear, but it won’t begin to cover the breadth of Chinese entertainment (even just mainland entertainment) at all, and will focus on things that I or idarklight find coincide will our self-interests. Or you can check the numerous sites in the links section for more info.


Speaking of self-interests, I’m zoning in on this particular film, Lian Ai Ba. It seems there’s always a Chinese romantic comedy around the corner these days that captures my attention. Just as one airs (previously it was Sophie’s Revenge) another begins production. I suppose this one in particular appeals to me because of the story – a divorced couple refalling into love, and because I really do love all three cast members, especially the two leads, Yuan Quan and Chen Kun although they have never acted together. For more information about the film, click the “Lian Ai Ba” tag.














And not to kill the romantic mood, but this is September’s cover of Esquire for Men featuring Chen Kun. It’s nice they’re showing pigs love in this time of Swine flu.



3 thoughts on “More pictures from “Lian Ai Ba”

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  2. I am loving Chen Kun’s hair. Sorry, but I just love it. And the expressions he gives… they’re just really cute. LOLOL.

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