Maritime Silk Road releases stills


I’m on a boat, feat Wu Zetian.

Stills have been released for Maritime Silk Road, starring Yan YikuanAdy AnSiqin Gaowa, and Zheng Yihan.  This drama deals with maritime exploration during the reign of Wu Zetian, court intrigue, assassination attempts, mystery etc.  There is a trailer but I did not find it to be that interesting so far.  Some of the materials released so far have been a bit disappointing in my opinion…

More stills below the cut.

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The Assassin prepares for release

Period picture collage done right

The Assassin, directed by Hou Hsiao-Hsien and starring Shu Qi, Chang Chen, Ethan Ruan, and Satoshi Tsumabuki, keeps releasing pretty pictures and I’ve been dying for it to be released.  For once, I’m glad that there’s a production that can still focus on natural elements as opposed too much CGI, man-made elements like architecture, clothing styles, huge hair, etc.  With August 27th just around the corner, I thought we should celebrate with stills… and the short film they made introducing the general story.

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Top sci-fi award awarded to The Three Body Problem


 Astronaut Kjell Lindgren announced the award from the International Space Station.

At the Hugo announcements today, The Three Body Problem‘s author Liu Cixin and translator Ken Liu (himself a former Hugo winner for short story)   became the first Asians to win the prestigious Hugo award for Best Novel.  It is also the first translated book to win. This may be their first, but it may not be their last as the second in the trilogy, The Dark Forest  (translated by Joel Martinsen ), was released earlier this month.

Complementary stills from the film starring Feng Shaofeng, Zhang Jingchu, Tang Yan, Zhang Han below the cut.

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Nirvana in Fire releases yet another MV

Trying to remind my self that by Chinese drama standards, this release date is relatively early…

Nirvana in Fire , starring Hu Ge, Wang Kai, Wu Lei, Chen Long, Liu Tao, etc., has released its latest theme by Hu Ge.  If you are like me, this has not exactly made waiting for September 19th to roll around any easier.

The Classic of Mountains and Seas releases a trailer

We finally get to see something more than just stills. :)

The Classic of Mountains and Seas has released stills… again… and a trailer!! Starring Zhang HanGulinazha, Kenny Kwan, Lan Yingying, Li Chao, Gao Weiguang, Gao Junxian, and Wu Lei, it’s nice that we finally get a sample of the drama.

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The Official Lineup Of The Voice Of China Season 4 Advisors


Every season of ‘The Voice Of China’ consists of a Battle Round where the coaches invite another celebrity singer to be their advisor in the coaching rounds. With past invitees including Coco Lee, Wang Feng,  Leehom Wang, Jam Hsia, and Ella Chen, I’d have to say the biggest hype of advisors would happen to be the ones officially announced in last night’s episode of Season 4.

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Tai-chi Master: The Ultimate Gateway releases stills

I don’t usually do Republican era dramas but these stills are nice.

Tai-chi Master: The Ultimate Gateway has released stills for Kevin Cheng.  Starring Kevin ChengTang YixinLin YouweiYuan BingyanBai BingYing HaomingHuang WenhaoHe ZhonghuaMaggie SiuZou TingweiHao ZejiaWang Yao, and Jing Feng, this drama is another martial arts drama set in the Republican era feature plots such as revenge and dealing with Japanese occupation during the second world war.

More stills below the cut.

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Weibo Wednesday: August 12, 2015

Zhang Han and Gulinazha kissing in front of a bus

张翰: [rat] [heart] [monkey] @我是娜扎

If you follow any of the younger Chinese actors, you probably already know about this news: Zhang Han more or less announced that he was dating Gulinazha, his costar from the upcoming The Classic of Mountains and Seas (山海经之赤影传说). The Weibo post is just a photo of the two kissing in front of a passing bus, with a simple message saying “Rat loves Monkey” (referring to their zodiac animals) and tagging Gulinazha, but it’s a low-key and sweet way to go public.

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