A tour of the palaces in Ruyi, Part 5

Yonghe Palace – official residence of Bai Ruiji (He Hongshan) and Eyinzhu (Zhao Ke)

Jingyang Palace official residence of Concubine Yi (Han Dantong) and Lu Muping (Yu Yang).

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Feng Xiaogang takes viewers back to the 1970s in upcoming film Youth

Directed by Feng Xiaogang (I Am Not Madame Bovary)Youth follows the story of Liu Feng, played by Huang Xuan (Extraordinary Mission), as he goes from popular dancer in the art troupe to a soldier on the real battlefield.

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First teaser for Xia Yu, Qiao Zhenyu’s Mystery of Antiques

Upcoming “adventure mystery” drama Mystery of Antiques is set in the 1990s, and stars Xia Yu (Wished) as the owner of an antiques store who embarks on several expeditions to find valuable treasures, Qiao Zhenyu (Song of Phoenix) as the heir of an antique appraisal firm, Cai Wenjing (My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend) as the heiress of the powerful Huang family and Chie Tanaka (52Hz, I Love You) as a good-natured Japanese lady who harbours a deep secret.

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New Zealand Extras Needed for Dynasty Warriors

Louis Koo plays Lü Bu while Gulnazar his lover Diaochan

The live-action film of  Dynasty Warriors 真•三国无双  will be filming in New Zealand mid-November. They’re looking for about 100 men as extras around Queenstown or Christchurch.  Compensation is about 200 NZD per day .  Interested parties should e-mail photos and CV to kim@kamtalent.com .

The film is directed by  Roy Chow and stars Wang Kai as Cao Cao, Louis Koo as Lü Bu, Gulnazar as Diaochan, Han Geng as Guan Yu,  as well as  Carina Lau, Tony Yang, etc. in unannounced roles.

Zhang Ruoyun to play protagonist in upcoming historical drama

Thankful for the Remaining Years 庆余年 is an upcoming historical drama starring Zhang Ruoyun (Sky on Fire) as Fan Xian, a lost prince who reenters the royal court twenty years later as a renowned politician. Mao Ni’s original novel is currently being translated into English here.

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Deng Lun, Li Yitong star in upcoming period idol drama

After rain, the flowering crab-apple turns into rouge 海棠经雨胭脂透 has released stills of the cast, and features Deng Lun (Ode to Joy 2), Li Yitong (Legend of the Condor Heroes 17) and Ying Haoming (Grandmaster of Taichi) in a messy love triangle set in the republican era.

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