Song of Phoenix releases diarrhea of stills

First there were too few stills… now there’s too much! WAY too much!!

Song of Phoenix 思美人 has released more stills… a diarrhea of them to be precise.  Starring Ma Ke, Zhang Xinyu, Yiyang Qianxi, Qiao Zhenyu, Du Chun, Liu Yun, Lan Xi, Lee Hyunjae, Yin Zhusheng, Fu Yiwei, and Wang Yuelun, since I am tired of seeing these saved on my computer, I thought I would take the liberty of purging, to the delight or horror of whoever is following at the moment.  You can probably expect Song of Phoenix posts pretty consistently for the next few weeks.

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Seven Snail Shots that Surpass Silver Screen Standards

Number 10. This wallpaper worthy crime scene.

Number 7: This wallpaper worthy crime scene.

Creative angles and moving shots give  the When a Snail Falls in Love  trailer a film feel that I love. Here are my favorite shots and/or scenes from the trailer.

The  series is only 15 episodes and director Zhang Kaizhou promised a faster pace, better crime-solving, more combat, more soul, and less romance compared to the original. Let’s hope he delivers.  There is also a big train fight scene in Myanmar that should be a hoot.


Number 6: moving shots that are too cool for TV.

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The Legend of Kaifeng shows of palace interiors

When palace protocol requires you to wear tacky bright colors despite being able to choose from all the clothes in the land…

The Legend of Kaifeng gives us a look at more stills this week.  Starring Huang Weide, Zhang Meng, Gan Tingting, Jiang Chao, Winston Chao, Qi Kui, Ji Chen, Wang Wanzhong, and Zheng Siren, this weeks stills seem to focus more on the palace.

More below the cut.

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More from the world of Ice Fantasy

Ice Fantasy Disney Princess… literally…

More from Ice Fantasy.  Starring Feng Shaofeng, Ma Tianyu, Victoria Song Qian, Xu Jiao, Zhang Meng, Wang Duo, and Madina Memet, those still curious about the various environments in the Ice Fantasy world can get a taste of them through these stills.

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Wang Kai, Wang Ziwen solve crimes and fall in love


I will shot someone if they don’t change the super misleading title.

Daylight Entertainment has the best trailers.  They can build up suspense even where the actual series fails. Their latest work is detective series When a Snail Falls in Love 如果蜗牛有爱情 starring Wang Kai and Wang Ziwen in their third drama together.  The trailer looks great as usual, with movie-leveled cinematography, actually decent action sequences, and some moments of cuteness injected in the midst of suspense.

The series is based on the book of the same name by author Ding Mo and directed by Zhang Kaizhou (two of the three people behind the spectacular fail of Love Me If You Dare). Luckily, the scriptwriter is not Hai Yan, who can’t write for the screen to save her life.  If anything, it’s only 15 episodes, which hopefully means it’s faster-paced.


Director Zhang Kaizhou’s shots.

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Stills for The Legend of Flying Daggers

It defeats the purpose of masking your face if you ornament your hair in such a unique fashion…

The Legend of Flying Daggers, starring Hawick Lau, Yang Rong, Wu Yingjie, Huang Ming, Kenny Kwan, and Yuan Bingyan, has released even more stills.  Those looking for a wuxia drama can probably look into this one.

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Border Town Prodigal shows off stills

As long as they keep up with stuff like this, I might tune in.

Border Town Prodigal has released more stills, starring Zhu Yilong,Ye Qingbin, Qiu Xinzhi, Zhang Xinyu, Chai Biyun, Vincent Jiao Enjun, Gong Mi, and Zhang Junning, something to feed the masses while we wait on release dates.

More stills below the cut.

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