Fan Bingbing fulfills her Empress dreams

Revealing the coronation outfit for Wu Zetian as the Queen, Fan Bingbing continues to be breathtaking in every photos from her self-produced bioepic, The Empress of China. Fan Bingbing said that the Empress Wu Zetian has always been an idol since childhood, and it would be a regret to not play her.

The Chinese paper-cutting style of the outfits are pretty unique for a drama, and the patterns are gorgeous, now if only they repurposed some of the train fabric so the top didn’t look like it was about to fall over any second.

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Amber Kuo, Rhydian Vaughan Embark on “One Road of Surprises”

They did have insanely good chemistry in Tiny Times

If you wanted to see more of Amber Kuo and Rhydian Vaughan together after the first two Tiny Times films, you’re not the only one. The two will appear together in the currently filming movie One Road of Surprises (一路惊喜), portraying a couple that’s been together for the past seven years.

One Road of Surprises will focus on six stories happening on Lunar New Year’s Eve, with each of the protagonists attempting to realize their New Year’s wishes. Although filming has been going on for almost half a year, not much information has been released so far, and the media was only recently allowed on set to watch a scene in which Rhydian climbs over from a neighboring balcony in order to rescue Amber and their cat from their burning residence.

Thus far, four of the stories have completed filming, and it is rumored that the sixth and final story will feature a mysterious husband-wife combination. Since Fan Bingbing starred in director-screenwriter Eva Jin‘s previous two movies, Sophie’s Revenge and One Night Surprise, some suspect that Bingbing will form one half of the mystery duo, or at least deliver a cameo, but the director said they’ll publicize the news in due time.

One Road of Surprises is expected to open in theaters around the Lunar New Year season next year, so check out some more cute photos of Amber and Rhydian in the meantime.

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More stills from the White Haired Witch (of Lunar Kingdom)

Fan Bingbing and Huang Xiaoming could be in a (fairly effective) Ming dynasty advertisement for pajamas.

There’s more stills of Fan Bingbing with white hair below the cut, plus a few more stills of pajama-advertisements (…kissing). Look for more pictures depicting her character’s love-hate relationship with Huang Xiaoming‘s male lead (and a water-fight, yay!) below.

The music video for theme song Beautiful Woman, White Hair, sung by Leslie Cheung, is a tribute to his 1993 version over twenty years ago (though the clips for this one are taken from the new one).
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Character stills from White Haired Witch (of Lunar Kingdom)

Fan Bingbing is every bit the vengeful betrayed lover here.

For those of you who were dying to see Fan Bingbing with white hair…you could have looked at her old stills form Double Exposure. But besides the cover photo, there’s another still of her in the actual movie, with white hair, at the very end of this post. For now, you can enjoy a post filled with character posters that have a hand-painted look: Huang Xiaoming, Fan Bingbing, Wang Xuebing, Kevin Yan (Kuan), Vincent Zhao, Tong Yao, and Shera Li all make an appearance in costume. (Thank you, I love it when movies write the English name of the actor/ess for me, so I don’t have to wonder whether they have one~) You could read the synopsis of the novel by Liang Yusheng that the movie is supposed to be based off of here. and if you wanted to see who each actor is playing, you could look here. The movie will be released on August 1, so if you’re in China around that time, maybe you’ll see it in theaters!  Continue reading

Fan Bingbing dons armor for The Empress of China

You can't tell I'm a girl with this thin veil!

Fan Bingbing as the Prince of Lanling with a cheap mask

We all know Fan bingbing is fierce, and Wu Zetian is fierce, and what better way to show their combined power than in combat? Although there are no historical records of Wu Zetian in combat, Fan Bingbing dons a shiny armor for therole in The Empress of China.

See the veil lifted below the cut.

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Fan Bingbing, Huang Xiaoming for Elle

(Warning: fangirling ahead!) By all means, the cover page could have been the top picture for this post – but Huang Xiaoming’s jaw looked too good here to pass up.

Fan Bingbing has so many newprojects coming out that I’m not sure where to start – though you might want to know that “Master Fan” is more than a dolled up consort in her upcoming drama Wu Zetian (she looks very nice in armor here). Her upcoming movies include Yang Guifei, another project set in the Tang dynasty, as well as Lady in the Portrait, a film about a woman in a Qing-dynasty palace. She’ll also play the mysterious mermaid in the East-West collaboration The Moon and the Sun. Bingbing will also be the title character in the film The White Witch of Lunar Kingdom…where she co-stars with Huang Xiaoming, the other member of this photoshoot.

He’s been keeping busy too. You may be looking forward to his new Republican-era drama with Joe Cheng, Cruel Romance. He also has a movie collaboration with Zhou Xun, Women Who Know How to Flirt Live the Best Life 撒娇的女人最好命.

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Fan Bingbing gets her own Barbie


Which Fan is your favorite? The wax figure, the real person, or the doll?

Fan Bingbing takes a break from the Empress of China to celebrate the launch of her own collector Barbie doll featuring her famous Empress dress.   According to the press release, in June, the Barbie “will be available in stores across China, as well as selected stores overseas.”   I feel like the Barbie looks nothing like her….

Fan Bingbing is still China’s biggest star


Fan Bingbing tops the Forbes China Celebrity List for the second year in a row, which means I get to reuse the same photo as last year.

Riding on her foray into Hollywood, actress Fan Bingbing has retained her top-ranking position on the Forbes China Celebrity List. The list, which ranks the top 100 Chinese celebrities based on media exposure and income, sees more Mainland stars this year than ever before, with 60 (or so) of the listees basing their careers in Mainland China. Aside from a handful of actors, however, the biggest A-listers were overwhelming from Hong Kong or Taiwan, with 14 of the top 20 hailing from either of the two islands.

According to Forbes, Fan raked in nearly $20 million last year, putting her on par with Jennifer Aniston and Kanye West. The celebrity with the deepest pockets, Jay Chou, banked $25 million, around the same as Ben Affleck or Buffy creator and Avengers director Joss Whedon.
Despite the success of China’s biggest stars (this year’s top 10 took home $20 million more than last year’s), the overall earnings of the Celebrity 100 decreased for a second consecutive year, accumulating $65 million less wealth than the year before. However, the celebrities still managed to bring home more than half a billion dollars between them.

Actors and actresses made up the bulk of the list, accounting for 72 of the celebrities. It is common for celebrities to both sing and act in the Chinese entertainment industry, however, and several were identified as both.
Of the 29 singers and musical groups on the list, only six were from Mainland China. Of those six, five were involved in reality television singing competitions, with the exception of Hong Kong-launched Faye Wong.
Mainland Pianists Lang Lang and Li Yundi maintained their presence on the list, with Li (ranked 56) overtaking Lang Lang (57) for the first time.

New entrants to the list include Tiny Times author Guo Jingming who debuted at 27, model Zhang Liang of Where Are We Going, Dad? fame, and I Am A Singer runner-up G.E.M and Taiwanese actor Kai Ko just sneaking onto the list at 91 and 97 respectively.

Meanwhile, notable dropouts include Taiwanese film director Ang Lee (previously ranked 29), Hong Kong funnyman Stephen Chow (24), Jet Li (41), Nobel laureate Mo Yan (16), Olympic gold medalist Sun Yang (31), former Super Junior member Han Geng (87), and Super Girls Chris Li (15) and Jane Zhang (45).

Rank Name   Income (million RMB) Income (million USD) Income rank
1 Fan Bingbing 范冰冰 122 19.5 4
2 Andy Lau 刘德华 89 14.2 5
3 Jay Chou 周杰伦 156.5 25.0 1
4 Huang Xiaoming 黄晓明 66.5 10.6 10
5 Zhang Ziyi 章子怡 56 9.0 14
6 Yang Mi 杨幂 52 8.3 18
7 Lin Chi-ling 林志玲 60 9.6 13
8 Li Na 李娜 141.5 22.6 2
9 Nicky Wu 吴奇隆 67 10.7 9
10 Jackie Chan 成龙 54 8.6 17

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