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441 thoughts on “Chatbox

  1. Hey, wow. Not sure how many people are Wanting Qu fans, but she is in Canada, and I am going to see her this friday with my gf… I never thought she would just randomly come here.

    • I don’t think it’s random, is it? I thought she moved to Vancouver when she was young. Enjoy the concert! :)

    • Wow, hope you have fun! She’s heading to the U.S. for the next part of her tour… Not enough of a fan of hers to splurge for tickets, though. xD

      • I never have time to travel anymore :( Last year I was thinking about going to Show Luo in Toronto but 5 hours is 2 far when you have midterms !@!@!#!#

  2. I wanted to share this song by Bii, Andrew Tan, Ian, Dino called “Everything Changes” its in english! 勢在必行2 – Everything Changes (官方完整版MV)

  3. Why isn’t there a Chinese entertainment sectino for Quiz up ):
    I want a Chinese entertainment section for Quiz Up ):

  4. “Unblock youku” for Chrome has suddenly stopped working. I miss my fav show on youku (T^T). Does anyone know of a workaround for either Chrome or Firefox? Sometimes I wish I live in China…

  5. Hi Cfensi, Can you do a monthly update on current Chinese drama online. As I am based in UK, I keep missing new dramas already aired as I do not know when they start airing. I follow your sites for updates on future dramas. It has helped alot but just wondering if you can run monthly current dramas available online too? Thanks for all your amazing work.

  6. Hello there. I’m a big fan of Zhang Liyin, and she was recently announced to appear on Anhui TV’s Mad for Music reality show. Do you guys know anything about the show besides what we ZLY fans have researched/found here? It doesn’t look like it’s half as popular as “I am a Singer”, so I’m wondering if it has any influence in the Chinese entertainment industry at all. There’s really just nothing about the show on any English sites in general =/

    • I think it’s just one of the two/three rip-offs of the show. Anson Hu was it last year, if I recall correctly. The format was really poorly executed, and I think in general it hasn’t made any big waves. But at least it should put her in contact with some more veteran singers, and give her a chance to sing every week, which will be a good experience either way.

      • That’s what I’m hoping as well. And that it’d be good for her to reach out to an audience that aren’t K-Pop fans originally.

        • Anson Hu was in Celebrity Battle 全能星战. Mad For Music 我为歌狂 was the one with Sun Nan and Gong Linna. (There are too many of these shows going around…)
          The show actually had pretty decent ratings, but not much of a cultural impact; people weren’t really sharing the performances on social media or anything.

          The production values weren’t great, though. It was obvious they didn’t have the resources of I Am A Singer. The musical production was also very average. The celebrity lineup included some pretty powerful singers, like Ji Minjia and Mindy Quah, but watching their performances, you wouldn’t be able to tell. It’s as if they didn’t have any time to rehearse.

          Hopefully they’ll improve on the production this year. Anhui TV isn’t the wealthiest or the most creative or most international of Chinese television stations, but they’re trying. Oh, they are trying…

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