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466 thoughts on “Chatbox

  1. hello there! i just stumble upon this when i was searching for more information on Chen Xuedong.

    it seems this is a drama version or something? or is this cancelled and the movies are the ones that is what it is? sorry, i thought you could help shed some light since i have no way about in reading or keeping up to date with Centertainment news. ^^^”

  2. If you wanted to watch My Ol’ Classmate online.
    The ending made me feel really sad :P And gosh, the young actor who plays Lin Gengxin really looks extraordinarily like him…!

  3. Hi everybody,
    I was wondering if anyone should answer my questions about Zhang Han’s recent dramas. I am also really anxious as to whether or not there will be a Meteor Shower 3 coming out? I had heard that Meteor Shower 3 was coming out with a new female lead, GuiGui, but now I heard that is for 不一样的美男子。I am vey confused, can someone please clarify for me?

  4. Got my email wrong, just rewriting. If anyone can tell me what’s up with Meteor Shower 3, I will love u forever. Thanks!

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