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  1. hello there! i just stumble upon this when i was searching for more information on Chen Xuedong.

    it seems this is a drama version or something? or is this cancelled and the movies are the ones that is what it is? sorry, i thought you could help shed some light since i have no way about in reading or keeping up to date with Centertainment news. ^^^”

    • Sorry for the super late response, but there is a drama version and it’s out right now. Guo Jingming had a major fallout with the production team, and as a result both Qi Wei (originally Gu Li) and Chen Xuedong withdrew from productions.

      • Ohhh okay. Thank you for that. Wait, does this mean that the drama version can still go on even though Guo Jingming isn’t part of it? Like… did he already sign away the rights for them to do it, and why he went ahead and started doing the film versions? Sorry for the questions. ^^”

  2. If you wanted to watch My Ol’ Classmate online.
    The ending made me feel really sad :P And gosh, the young actor who plays Lin Gengxin really looks extraordinarily like him…!

  3. Hi everybody,
    I was wondering if anyone should answer my questions about Zhang Han’s recent dramas. I am also really anxious as to whether or not there will be a Meteor Shower 3 coming out? I had heard that Meteor Shower 3 was coming out with a new female lead, GuiGui, but now I heard that is for 不一样的美男子。I am vey confused, can someone please clarify for me?

  4. Got my email wrong, just rewriting. If anyone can tell me what’s up with Meteor Shower 3, I will love u forever. Thanks!

      • I couldn’t think of anything good… I just got her some shampoo she always wanted but that was too expensive in Canada compared to China. Lol I suck.

    • Historically, Qixi was more of a women’s day. It’s where the women go and pray and do things. But that’s then. Qixi is actually a revived festival that died out for a long period and only became celebrated once more in the past decade thanks to dramas and marketing, so now it’s kind of just like Valentine’s Day.

  5. what does everyone think about the tiny times youku/tudou drama? i’m only on episode 8 and i’ve been enjoying it so far! i think i like it more than the movie actually. the drama has more room for character development and story development.

  6. How would one translate 男神/女神, from entertainment language? It feels weird explaining to people that, yes, “____” is my “god/ess.”

    • Wow, Wei Qing/Shen Tai and Jones Xu/Duan Hong are /really/ good looking!~

      Not crazy about Raymond Lam (Chen Baoguang is still headcanon for me, and Huang Xiaoming is still my less historical favorite), but I like his voice a lot (same voice actor as the elder sect brother from Ancient Sword…xD) Liking Princess Pingyang a lot more than Wei Zifu, though – especially because Wei Zifu’s voice got kind of obnoxious.

      It’s kind of a generic palace drama so far, though. It’s not /bad/, but if I hadn’t been packing/making hundreds of paper flowers with a hot glue gun, I probably would have just skimmed it :( Still going to hope for a good Wei Qing/Pingyang story (Also, as of episode 8, her husband’s total “yes wife, you know best” deference is still amusing to me).

      • I know right? The pretty is definitely there *v*

        I feel like I’ve been thirsting for a palace drama for a long time and this is enough to satisfy my cravings for now.

        But knowing history and how Wei Zifu ends up, i’m not sure I want to continue >>

  7. Dad, Where are we going? should totally get sponsored by China Tourism Board. All the places they have gone to so far have been amazing, with so much history and awesome views. I love the wide shots of the surroundings, especially this episode.

    • I know, right? I bet all the less-visited sites are competing to get them to film there.
      They’re actually getting sponsored to go to New Zealand (or was it Australia) for their last episode. Going to inner mongolia was also a part of the sponsorship deal with Yili.

      • That was definitely on of my favourite destination. This season, the show seem more like a travel show. There is less focus on the difficult tasks and tough day to day routine. I think the team in Season 1 had a tougher time. This season, the fathers get more support and free food from the villagers due to the popularity of the show. I like both season but I think season will be my all time favourite.

  8. The midnight after should get the award for most confusing movie….

    ohhh everyone is watching dad where are we going. my girlfriend can’t stop watching it.

        • Parents meeting already! Shenzhen is a busy City, isn’t it? Hope you have a good time. Are you from China too?

            • That will be Southern China. Shenzhen is in Southern China. The weather is much better there compare to Northern China. Enjoy the good food and have a great time. Remember to buy gifts for the “in-laws to-be”. Bird’s nest will be a good option but if you are against bird’s nest due to animal cruelty. There are other options.

              • Apparently Canada is known for ginseng so I’m getting some of that… so many presents I have to buy… like 12… Other stuff is maple syrup, and other stereotypical canadian things, and a tommy hilfiger polo because apparently it’s cheaper here.

                • Canadian has the best grade maple syrup. The ones shipped overseas to sell are of lower grade. They keep the best for their own consumption. I get my maple syrup from my relations when they visit UK from Canada too.

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