‘Back in Time’ is being adapted into movie and Internet version


Back in Time or That Year, Time Flew (匆匆那年) is written by Jiu Ye Hui (九夜茴) and has recently been adapted into movie and web version. The story revolves around a group of friends who were close friends during high school but after graduation, their friendship changes. In the group, Chen Xun and Fang Hui are a couple and their break-up will cause the group to go on separate ways. More information of the novel can be found here.

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Photoshoot Friday: Almost bridal

Thank Zhang Jingchu, because her photoshoot with Bazaar Jewelry saves this round-up from being another bridal photoshoot Friday. On the other hand, Kitty Zhang Yuqi is in full bridal style, with flowers and glitter for her bodice; Li Xiaoran‘s shoot brims with flowers. Meanwhile, Jing Tian‘s vermillion lipstick is a nice contrast to the lush countryside her photo shoot took place in, while model Zhang Xinyuan‘s photoshoot is by the ocean and utterly gorgeous (though you really can’t see any of her face). Look below the cut for more pictures. Continue reading

Ma Tianyu stills for Ancient Sword


Stills of Ma Tianyu, the “female lead” aka goofball of “Legend of the Ancient Sword.” Ma Tianyu is really the winner of the show, with William Chan as his brother, Zhang Meng as his sister, Qi Wei as his fiancee, Zhang Na as his first love, and Zheng Shuang as his current love.
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Tong Liya, Jerry Yan are “Loving, Never Forgetting”


I can’t tell if she’s wearing a wedding gown with a really big veil, or in bed.

In another classic Internet novel plot, Jerry Yan’s big boss has an one-night stand with Tong Liya’s poor intern and totally forgets about it until one day, he finds a little boy in need of blood donations, and he turns out to be his son …

The trailer for Loving, Never Forgetting 恋恋不忘 didn’t look great so I didn’t post on it before, but among the six or so dramas that begun airing last week, this was the only one I stuck with.   The story is a bit cliche, but decent.   Jerry Yan, Tong Liya, and Jerry Huang all look great despite the poor lighting.  Anyways, a recommend until the two dramas I’m really looking forward to are airing soon  –  Boss & Me and Ancient Sword!

Since the fanmade trailer is better than the actual one … Whatever happened to Ocean Butterfly’s music quality anyways?

Photoshoot Friday: Men’s Edition

I gave up on balancing the gender ratio for Photoshoot round-ups a long time ago. This is my attempt to rectify the usual bias.

Daniel Chan is as good looking as ever, dressed in a suit in this photo shoot for National Geographic Traveler (maybe this is how Yuwen Yong earned extra cash when posing as a wanderer?) MIchael Chen suits up as well, as does Li Dong Xue (he was the Seventeenth Prince in the Legend of Zhen Huan). Tian Liang also makes an appearance…also in suits.

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Dad 2 starts airing!

Lu Yi

#How to play with your kids#

Do you like National Geographic but with cute kids in the scene? A Bite of China but with hotter chefs? Where are we going? Dad season 2 has it covered!

So far, I’ve already fallen for Duoduo from the trailers alone, and episode one only confirmed it. As the oldest, she acts really assertive and cool, but seems super nice and sweet on the inside. Bei’er is also a little angel, scared to see others being hurt, but although willing to help everyone and to share. Yang Yangyang is as shy as usual, and is especially cute when he was so happy to see Feymann come to visit, but then went Pokerface as soon as Feymann actually showed up. I keep getting Feymann and Joe confused …

Also, who would’ve thought the pretty boy Lu Yi was the jokester of the group?

What are your favorite moments of episode 1?

Dad 2 wanders into fantasy with new posters

Who needs Prince Charming when your dad is Lu Yi?

The second season to 2013’s number one variety show, Where are we going? Dad Season  will begin airing on the 20th and stars Francis Ng, Gary Cao, Huang Lei, Lu Yi, Yang Wei, and guest starring people like Yao Ming.

I think these hands down win best variety show posters ever. The quality of these posters, probably by ee-Media’s N13 Studio,  are better than most film posters nowadays.
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Photoshoot Background: White Backgrounds ahoy

There’s nothing wrong, maybe even everything right with a nice background – but this round up should show you that the absence of a background can be lovely too. Liu Shishi wears white against white (mourning for that role in Bu Bu Jing Xin 2?), while Lin Chi-ling goes for bright pops of color. Angelababy follows suit, but by the time Lin Chi-ling appears in her second photoshoot (this one for Marie Claire), she’s switched to Liu Shishi’s style. Faye Wang breaks a rules a little with a backdrop of furniture, but the walls are still white, so let it pass…

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I Am A Singer All-Stars: Season One vs Season Two

Finalists from both seasons of I Am A Singer return to the stage to duel it out, with a surprise twist.

Finalists from both seasons of I Am A Singer return to the stage to duel it out, with a surprise twist.

Have I just not been paying attention all this time, or are those sponsored beverages a lot more prominent in this episode? I don’t even know what they are. But I want to drink them.

This special episode pit the finalists of the first I Am A Singer 我是歌手 season against the recently concluded second season finalists. Season one finalist Huang Qishan, who appeared in last week’s finale, was absent in this episode and was instead replaced by Laure Shang. (Oh, I’m sure she had a very good reason for not being there.)
Just to note, some performances have not been uploaded onto HunanTV’s official YouTube channel. We’ll try and work our way around that.

The format differed slightly from previous I Am A Singer episodes. Instead of the usual free-for-all sing-off, season one and season two singers were paired together and went head-to-head in solo rounds. Some match ups were good. Some could have been better. The show started with a good one. Continue reading

Yang Mi and Deng Chao go for the “stupidest, but also most touching romance” in Breakup Guru

Yang Mi is supposed to be a left-over lady in this film. This poster is a little unconvincing.

We’re still waiting for a broadcast date for Ancient Sword, but in the meanwhile, Yang Mi‘s more romcom movies seem to be going well – Tiny Times 3.0 is slated to come out on July 17th, and her other upcoming movie with Deng Chao in the Break Up Guru will come out on June 24th. This will be Deng Chao’s first directorial work, adapted from a stage play of the same name. Asides from Yang Mi and Deng Chao’s main characters, you can also count on seeing Sun Li, Liu Yan, and Liang Chao in cameo roles. (Gulinazha should have a small role as well). Yang Mi plays a “leftover lady” (a Christmas cake) who makes a living selling DVDs; meanwhile, Deng Chao’s character lives off of women. They meet in an accidental “hero saves the damsel in distress” scenario, and from then on, embark on what is advertised as the “stupidest, yet most touching love story in history.” Look under the cut for some more stills!  Continue reading